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Need new Skis!

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I am looking for new skis to replace my vintage Head Killy Equipe with Look Nevada N77 bindings. It's long past time to retire them.  : ' ) 


I have not skied more than 3 or 4 days in each of the past 10 years. Before that, I skied at least 2 days a week from age 6 to 40. I have time to ski again.


I was an advanced skier, spending more of my time on blue and black runs. Now, I am still intermediate/advanced and ski the fall line, just a little slower, smoother and with less aggression.


Stats: 6'1", 280 lbs, ski in Whistler and the West Coast, and will ski at least once a week. 


I have been looking at K2's but would like all suggestions from those in the know for a great pair of skis that would suit. Comments on length, width and camber re weight would be appreciated.









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Search is your friend, but this thread is a great place to start IMO. http://www.epicski.com/t/108375/95mm-skis-salomon-sentinel-stockli-stormrider-95-kastle-fx94-dynastar-legend-94-head-rock-n-roll-94 I think skis starting around that 94 waist are the way to go.  Then another pair (115ish waist) for powder days and you have it covered.  Bindings?  I have had good luck with the Dynastar/Look brand, the Royal Series from Marker and of course Salomon STH bindings. Read through the first 3-5 pages, as your question has been asked a thousand times.wink.gif  Have fun shopping.  I love buying ski gear.

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