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Skis for Bigfoot!

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I am getting back into skiing after 15+ years last set of skis that I had were Rossignol 4G Kevlar they were 220's w/ Salomon Eqip 747 Bindings. (I loved these skis)

So my question is this I am 40, 6'8" 265lbs and in great shape (ex professional Athlete) I have recently moved to Northern Idaho and we have several mountains and kids are finally old enough that I have weathered two seasons getting them up to speed and it's finally time that we all can head to the top of the mountain...So I am searching for a new setup, I know that because of my height and weight my setup will be different than most at my ability. I would consider myself inter to inter-adv. skier fairly agressive. Love skiing the crud and groomed...

So my questions is this what length skis and stiffness? What bindings? (DIN binding because of my size and weight) What flex in a boot?

Like I said it has been 15+ years and the ski's have changed and make it a lot easier to ski





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Search is your friend, but this thread is a great place to start IMO.  I think skis starting around that 94 waist are the way to go.  Then another pair (115ish waist) for powder days and you have it covered.  Bindings?  I have had good luck with the Dynastar/Look brand, the Royal Series from Marker and of course Salomon STH bindings. Din? Likely 9+ based on your size.  Have fun shopping.  I love buying ski gear.

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Don't forget that you are a big guy with big feet who most likely needs big boots.  Find yourself a competent ski bootfitter who will size you up properly.  This should be your first priority.  My guess in flex is 120+.  Keep in mind that flex ratings are not consistent between brands.


As for skis, I think that others are better qualified for specific suggestions than I.


As for bindings, most brands make quality ones.  At your size, I would get a DIN 13+ rated set.  If you think that you are going to be hard on your gear, you may want the Salomon STH 14 or 16 bindings.


Good luck with your search.



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I've heard great things about the Dynastar Legend Skis, live2ski has some great advice. And I would agree with the Salomon STH bindings as well. I own both the 14 & 16's and love them both. Several seasons on each and never had an issue. And absolutely start with the boots!

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Hello, someone bigger than me asking for ski gear advice, I love it. I am in a similar situation to yours. I am 6'4", about 250lbs and haven't bought new skis for a while. Waited for my son to get older and able to ski the whole mountain without being on a tether controlled by me. I am a solid expert skier for what it is worth.


Last year I still skied my 205 Elan SL race skis that were about the same vintage as your Rossi 4G's. I remember those skis, I think they are a GS ski, correct. 220 cm is really long, I take it you don't like short radius quick, turns?


For the new gear, they will be shorter. For our size you want a 180 +/- cm length ski. A stiff 178 works, but something around a 185 is better. This would be for a medium width ski. Not sure if you are up on the new widths, but narrow is 70mm under foot (your Rossi's), medium is now 80 ish, and 95 mm and up is wide. The really wide ones, 110+ come longer (190's) but they are softer and made for deep powder snow.


Skis are much more specialized now, so you either buy more than one pair (say narrow or medium width for for more groomed trail skiing and a wide pair for deep snow skiing) or you buy a "one ski quiver" or all mountain ski that is medium width under foot and has wide tips and tails. One of the best examples of an all mountain ski for us is the Dynastar Contact 4X4 in 178 cm length that was discontinued in 2011.


Skis I am considering (I like more slalom style than GS, but all mountains are kind of in between):


Dynastar Contact 4X4 in 178 cm   (this is a stiff ski)

Head Super Shape Titan in 177 cm  (again a stiff ski)

Kastle MX78  in 184 cm   (not as stiff as above)

Atomic D2 VF 75 in 176  (another stiff ski)


and one wide ski,

Ski Logik Ullr's Chariot  in 188 cm   (this is 101mm wide underfoot)


All of these skis have similar models that are wider (ex.  Kastle MX88) and would be better if you ski in deeper snow conditions more than groomed conditions. Idaho is one of the few places I have never skied, so I don't know what the snow is like there.


I would recommend an all mountain ski as your first purchase and then get a wider one after you have had a chance to demo some and get a little up to speed on what's out there and what you like. Since I ski the East Coast, I have have been biased toward narrower skis that will be good on groomed and icy conditions, but can handle anything.


I found a good buy on a 178 cm Ullr's Chariot and bought it. I haven't skied it yet, but have been second guessing myself on the length and the "wide ski" choice for the East Coast. I will let you know what I think after I ski it soon. It's very warm on the East Coast and very bad snow conditions right now.


As far as bindings go, I like Marker, but any major brand is good. I use a DIN setting of 10, which is a little higher than recommended (8 is the chart number for me). Make sure you get a binding that goes to a 14 or 15 DIN, you don't want a 12 max DIN binding. Your setting will be too close to the max and they won't last as long or perform as well. I have Marker Jester bindings on my Chariots. If the ski comes with a binding system buy it, just make sure you are not almost at the max setting. BTW, the shop will probably set your bindings at 8, (maybe lower if you have a large boot) and you will have to ski them and then increase it yourself (1 DIN at a time) until you stop releasing prematurely. At one time I had mine set to 13 for really aggressive mogul bashing, but I turned them back to 10 for all around skiing. That works well for me (size 11 boot).


I recommend a high end Lange ski boot if they fit your feet, but there are a lot of good boots out there. Subscribe to this site if you want to do your own research:


One question?  Are you related to a guy named "Gronk" who plays for the Patriots? PM me if you have more questions or want to compare "big guy" notes


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Keep in mind that if you venture into soft snow, a 90 mm will have the same float for you guys as a 80 mm for normal sized guys. Which isn't much. And your height will allow a lot of tip pressure, carry a higher center of gravity that will magnify lateral movements, so a narrow ski will feel and act super narrow. So IMO if you plan to stay on groomers, something in the high 70's to mid 80's will be appropriate. If you plan to try softer snow, something in the mid to high 90's is a minimum. This is just physics, not arguing for particular brands...

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You're big and strong, for crud and groomers you want a stiffer damp ski I would suggest something from the dynastar legend series. Legend 85 or 94 are great in the crud, the wider the waist the less groomer oriented, but if you plan on playing in the powder you could go up to the pro rider 105. You are big guy though, you would need serious waist width to float in powder.
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