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Hey everybody,


So glad that I found this forum! Seem to be some really knowledgable people here :)


Looking for some help choosing between 2 skis.

My specs:

5' 8" male, 21yrs old, 160lbs.  Skiied mountains at least once a year pretty much my whole life.  I ski in the Rockies (Banff/Fernie) and am looking for a do-it-all, doesn't cost me too much ski.


Found 2 seemingly great deals on Boxing Day and don't know which to keep:

1) 2009 K2 Extremes (164s) w/ Marker 11.0 Free bindings ($500)

2) 2011 K2 Kung Fujas (169s) w/ Marker 11 Squires ($400)


My concern is that I'm unsure of which length to choose.  I'm an Intermediate/Advanced who likes to ski a bit of everything and like to go pretty quick at times(no park/tricks or anything like that though).


The Exteremes come up to the bottom of my forehead and the Kung Fujas to the top of my head.  This is my first buy, and in previous years I have skied a bit shorter (~162s).


What kind of learning curve will I have if I take the 169s instead of 164s?  Guy at the shop said the they're very similar b/c the Fujas are rockered and wider. Any thoughts/advice?


I need to decide today, as I'm needing to get them set up and packed for Fernie asap.


Thanks so much!