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Looks a lot like Twin Slides to me.  I haven't been up there in a while so I couldn't say for sure.  Definitely the biggest pile I've ever seen from one event.

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What's the steepest trail that gets groomed on a daily basis?

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Don't really know.  Don't care much about skiing steep groomerswink.gif.  The steepest stuff that gets groomed semi-regularly is Bivouac & Laramie Bowl.  The steepest thing I can think of that gets groomed every day would be Rendezvous Trail.


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What's the steepest trail that gets groomed on a daily basis?


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Finally some photos.  These are from out of bounds today, 1-24-2012:


Top of Rendezvous Bowl, looking across toward Cody Peak:




Upper Rock Springs:










Booting up to Four Pines:




Looking back on the top of the tram and the top of Rendezvous Bowl from the Four Pines knoll:




Pinedale Canyon:




Random German snowboarder who dropped in on top of me:




Having fun:





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Great pictures Bob!! Thanks

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aweseome Bob, thanks much for sharing.  Some sweet turns. 

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Beautiful pictures Bob... today's weather made it a bit challenging out there, at least it did for me... it didn't seem to bother this guy...





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I don't know why we're so lucky, but the snow just keeps on comin'


We had five new inches this morning and it's been snowing HARD all day.  We did some out of bounds laps, but my friends who were inbounds said it was fantastic all over the mountain.


The skiing was sublime today and tomorrow (fingers crossed) should be the best day of the season.  We've had almost successive "best day" skiing for the last week, so why stop now?


Based on how hard it was snowing and how much wind there was today, tomorrow has the potential to be a pretty significantly delayed opening due to avalanche control work. That's just fine as it simply means more snow when they get it open.


If you haven't made plans to come ski Jackson Hole this year, you really ought to.  It's good.

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Holy Sweet Styrofoam Batman!

Today's AM windblown plastic fantastic was really fun. A mix of carve and float.

Everything skied great. HA! A heard a lady complain about slick spots... If she only knew...
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I was there this past week for the first time... What a place! Super friendly people everywhere... The skiing was great, especially on Thursday during the snowstorm and on Friday when the sun was out... I'm so jealous of you guys that get to ski there full time and can't wait to go back.




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If I could figure out a way to spend a month in Jackson every year, then I'd probably do it.

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Top of Tram shortly after we saw The Sage yesterday morning.  He mentioned the Bowl was "a little windy"...


In the second video, Damaris got blown all the way to the fence, Blaze was going to get her.  Howlin' it was!


Relatively innocuous at the base, I wasn't expecting this:




Some great gear cameos in that one.  Eden is carrying the current Atomic Century.  Christy skied it 85+ days last season then my daughter promptly acquired it and now loves it.  Blaze and last year's Atomic Blog w/ Marker Squire- a great combo.  Light and nimble, it has really helped him become the skier he is today.  Blaze's Bonfire suit was a great value.  I'm amazed by how well it has held up, now w/ many, many days of pre-teen abuse.  Now all too short for him, Blaze is eyeing some new colors.


I think all but one wear Smith goggles.  Eden and I love our I/O goggles, although I only rarely change lenses.  I skied 100+ in the same std Smith lens.

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Your first video is listed as "private".  You will need to change that in YouTube if you want us to be able to see it.

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Redux: try again.  Thanks!

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Check out Mrs. Skiing-in-Jackson, rocking the tram run with 2 sets of poles!   Looks like you guys are about to have some fun!

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Just thought I'd post a couple photos from the last week or so.


Severe clear weather right now (and forecast is the same for several days) but so far the skiing is holding up EXTREMELY well:

















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Today's snow was Epic.




Cold and crisp.  My best day of the year.





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Amazing snow this week!


First, a new ice rink on the Town Square is a hit with the kids.  It's really fun.  Don't miss it- great fun!  $3.00 for skate rentals.


liberty skating.jpg


Lots of this the past few days... Conditions have been legendary.  One day the temp was something like 28° and 4° at the top of Bridger Gondola.  Completely blower!


This was yesterday.  Christy and Blaze coming out of Lower Casper Bowl- from the high traverse. There's a little side stepping involved, but well worth it!


mom and blaze.jpg

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Skied Casper Bowl from the top Thursday or Friday (so much skiing, I got the days mixed up).  The hike up the headwall was painful (and a little embarrassing) but the skiing was worth it.  Almost waist deep, and only a couple of tracks in the whole bowl.  Face shots!


In the small world department, I met Skiing-in-Jackson on the SMART bus into town.  I was sitting right behind him and in the course of the trip figured out who he was and introduced myself.  That 7:25 bus is definitely a party bus!  

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Impromptu vid of Blaze coming down the Headwall yesterday.  A light dusting of pow covering icy crudmelt made for some rough conditions.  On piste skiing was excellent all day.  Mrs. SIJ skied bell to bell on a shop 178 S7 and loved it.


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Although he's not really a normal teen is he?  When asked about getting something to eat, he said......"your call"



Most teens would end the run saying......"where's the food?"


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Right there you can smell the burgers cooking!

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See, any other teen boy would have skied past the camera to follow the smell of the food........just saying!


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This thread has taken off since the last time I was here. I had such a great trip were gonna be coming back this year in mid January! I want to thank Teton powder junkie also because he showed us around for a full day and it was amazing. He totally whooped our a** so we definitely owed him a beer or two after that day haha. Sorry It's taken so long to get back here, but the new season is already here. Everything was better than expected I just wish we had some fresh snow. We woke up the day we left to snow flakes falling which we felt was just our luck haha . Thanks again to Teton powder junkie and I'm looking forward to getting back again in January!
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