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I have a friend that owns a good portion of the base of a large 11,000ft mountain. it's fairly steep, and there're no rocks nor trees. The base is roughly 5,200ft, but it gets a good amount of snow every now and then.


We're in the middle of Utah, you'd think there'd be somewhere to ski that's fairly close by. - There's not, in fact the closest place to ski is nearly a 2 hour drive, and with that time you might as well go to Alta which is 2 1/2 hours. Of course then you have to pay $65 for a lift ticket per person.


Would it be possible to have a mini, informal, semi-maintained free resort?


How would I go about this? I haven't read this but it apparently shows you how to build your own tow lift No one would care about it being combed. And it's obviously ski at your own risk (like the motocross track a few miles away) so there's no need for professional patrolmen or snowmobiles.


What about man made snow? How does that work? Do you need a $25,000 machine? Or can you make it yourself? Remember it's on a small scale.


Be honest here, I'm not hurting no one. All I want is a close free place to ski for the kids and families.

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