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Head mad trix

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I am looking at some 2005 Head mad trix mojo ski. They have Tyrolia Mad Flex 9 bindings. They have been used 10 days and have a few scratches. He is offering $170. Is this a good price? Also has anyone used these skis and have any thoughts on their performance in powder as well as on groomed runs.
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I had a pair of those about 5 years ago; fun skis, a little dated now.  My pair was basically a pair of Mojo 90s with different topsheets.  I sold my pair with good bindings in great shape for about $215 about 4 years ago. 

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I've got a pair of Mad Trix - 2004's I think (snake graphics).  Awesome all mountain ski that I still use as my rock skis.  They have a nice floaty feel in powder, with enough quickness to make tree skiing a blast.  I'm not sure if I've just worn them out, but they are getting a bit floppy and are not for a heavy fast aggressive skier who stays on the groomers.  More suited to a finesse skier.  I think I've got a review on them in the gear review section.  I've used them cat skiing at Grand Targhee and in the deep powder of Silverton, and never felt held back by them, although as Dino pointed out, there is better equipment available now.


I would think $170 is on the high end for this ski now, and the bindings are not that high-end.  You should be able to get them for less ($120-150 range).

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I would say the price is okay if the skiis are in good shape. I like the Mojo lineup from Head, good solid all mountain rides with a high fun factor.

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