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Fund Raising - Non Profit Ski Area

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I am involved with a small, local ski resort that I believe is the only non-government run, not for profit in the country that is open to the public.  Today, the not-for-profit organization is focused on providing affordable winter and summer recreational opportunities for the youth - in particular the underprivileged. To that end, two skiership funds have been established to allow every child a chance to learn to ski or snowboard regardless of ability to pay.


A part of this organization is the race team where we focus on race skills development for racers up to the age of 14.  We have a great little hill (all 600 vertical) and are developing kids with a love of ski racing and skiing in general.  In my area we have two organizations that function within this capacity.  I acually grew up with and coached for the the other, older, more established organization.  That organization has created outstanding racers with several achieving national and international success including world cup and olympic participants.


The issue we have is that we have too many kids who want to participte.  That is one of the reason that an addiitonal, local race program was developed focused on this age group.  When my children began racing, I decided to get involved with the new group and to assist in developing the program to fit the needs of the community.  Much like my parents did in the 50's and 60's in developing the more established program.


So to the point, I have been involved in a fund raising campaign to purchase a tow rope for our training hill.  We have an antiquated chair lift, that was donated by another ski resort, but our racers are only getting five or six runs per hour.  A tow rope is absolutely necessary to developing our racers to their fullest extent.  We project the cost at approximately $20,000 and I believe we are about a quarter of the way there.


Although it is the parents and coaches of the racers who are driving this project, the tow would be open to all and would allow access to more kids.


If anyone has thoughts...perhaps a resort that has equipment they would donate like a tow they are tearing out...fund raising ideas...maybe you just hit the lottery...who knows?  Please let me know.  Feel free to IM me and we can exchange contact information.


I'm passionate about this project.  This resort is a non-profit that survives on community support with a mission of making skiing affordable.  I grew up in a large, blue collar family.  My parents probably couldn't afford, in today's world, what they were able to do for us back then, by giving us the gift of skiing.  I want to make sure we continue to support the sport.



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Where is this located? 


Sky Tavern out here at Lake Tahoe is a non profit hill with similar goals and fundraising.  They have an annual ski swap that makes a ton of money.


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Northern Michigan...and the ski swap is a great idea, but one of the other ski clubs does it and we want to make sure that we have a cooperative environment.  I've actually worked many of them and they do generate a ton of revenue.


Great idea and please keep them coming if you have another.


We really only need about $15,000 which isn't a lot of money.

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