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Keep Breaking Look/Dynastar PX12 Bindings

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edit title - meant PX12's


I've used Look/Dynastar bindings on all our skis for many years without issue.  My middle son,  however, seems to be breaking them constantly.  He's a strong, athletic kid (6'3", 180 lbs.) who likes to do relatively tame freestyle tricks,  but is not a park rat.  He skis on a DIN setting of 8.5 without releasing unexpectedly,  so it seems this binding should be appropriate for him.


He first broke a toe-wing off which was warrantied by Dynastar.


Next he bent the heel track which I managed to straighten in a vice.


That incident compromised the rear heal mounting holes which failed last week with the heel piece ripping off the ski (not the binding's fault)


Today,  he was skiing on a pair of my skis and broke the brake completely off.  I was right next to him,  and all he did was a little spin on the snow at slow speed.  Unbelievable!


I've always had great luck with these bindings,  but am beginning to wonder if I need to try something different for him.  Thoughts?



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Get him on a PX14 Racing or a PX15 Racing.


These are a beefier version of the same thing (and there are good deals to be had). How's $140 shipped?


Look here for starters;



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He's not breaking the binding, he's breaking the brakes. Buying a 'beefier' binding won't change anything. If he is getting his weight forward while 'buttering' on the snow the heel will flex a little allowing the brake arms to extend enough to contact the snow and bend the brake arms. Pretty much every binding made will do this to some degree, turning the DIN up on the heel will help... but isn't safe at all. Tell him to stay more centered or lean way farther forward to bend the binding area off the snow completely.


Another option, if you are going to buy something new... KneeBinding brakes fold up off the snow higher than any other binding made. You could try that.wink.gif (figure RS would appreciate that).

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He only broke the brake once (yesterday... on MY ski!)  The other failures were the plastic wing on the toepiece and the bent heel track.


Is it okay to use such a high-DIN binding if he's only going to have it set at 8.5?  I've always resisted those bindings since my youthful foolish days when I thought I needed an MRR on my skis.


I was curious if maybe the freestyle crowd had had trouble with this binding and had found another brand that worked better?  Perhaps it's just a fluke?



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The freestyle crowd does break a lot of brakes, no matter what bindings they use. The most popular bindings are Marker Griffon/Jester and Look/ Rossi FKS style, but the PX and PX race (like Rossi Smash suggested) are really good, as good as anything really. The kids that are really pushing things on the freestyle front aren't skiing DIN settings anywhere near what they 'should', that's what keeps the brake arms off the snow. It is shocking what park skiers can do to mangle ski bindings. Even the 'casual' park skiers.


The broken toe wing (the little plastic cap, right?) is impact damage, the bent heel track is weird fall related I'm sure... it's just stuff that happens when bindings are subjected to the forces of the park, even briefly. No other binding is going to fair much better. Keep a solid relationship with someone who can warranty the carnage is your best bet.

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Interesting that he's never broken a brake on his own skis (100mm brakes bent to fit his 105mm skis).  Perhaps he broke mine due to the 100mm brakes on a 92mm ski?


Anyway,  the brakes aren't my major concern.  I was mostly curious to see if other freestylers might chime in with comments about another type of binding being significantly more durable for his style of skiing.  So far,  that doesn't seem to be the case.



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By far, the most popular mogul-freestyle binding is the Look/Rossi pivot/fks.  It has the most elasticity of any binding on the market, hence why they like it so much.


That being said, I don't think any of your problems would have been solved by having your son on said binding EXCEPT the bent heel track.  I have seen that happen before with heavier skiers on the PX heel, especially if they are not skiing/landing centered.


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I have used these Dynastar PX12 Bindings for a couple years now but have had lots of trouble with the brakes, they keep "breaking" and almost impossible to fix without replacement.


I did find some brakes on ebay for $25.00 I might give them a try or even get a couple pair so I have ready replacements....



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Well.... another bent heel track earlier this month and another broken toe wing yesterday!  Arrrrggghhh!  I doubt Dynastar will warranty the broken toepiece this time



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PX15 Racing's on the way.  I'm a little concerned with the single pivot toepiece,  but clearly he needs something more burly than the PX12.  Thanks for everyone's help.  Seems like not many have had such problems?



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