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Back to square one

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Well then, if you read my other post and my experience with my counterfeit jacket purchase, you'll know I decided to return it.

This then takes me back to square one, so i'll describe my situation so I can be better helped.

Feel free to ignore the bullet points below if your lazy/don't wanna hear my life story ><<br />
1. Never skiid/snowboarded in my life, closest i've come is ice skating ><<br /> 2. I do a lot of cycling, in all weathers and thus require a waterproof/wind proof layer
3. I am also not a fan of multiple thick layers, so the lighter and warmer the layer the better
4. I am planning to start skiing/snowboarding anually from this year, so have decided to invest in the more versatile items required such as insulating mid layers etc


After that incident with the spyder jacket, i've decided rather than go for an expensive item off ebay, i'll go for a budget item from a reputable source.

So far i've found these....any thoughts/additional advice?

Cheers guys wink.gif
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Not sure how I feel about getting stuff from Uniqlo. It's a fashion company, not technical gear. That shell is not waterproof or windproof. It's water resistant and wind resistant at best with some type of coating. 


For a waterproof/windproof shell, you need an actual membrane like GoreTex, eVent, Marmot Membrane, Patagonia H2No, etc. 


If you're really on a tight budget, that's one thing. But something a lot of us have gone through here is trying to pick up deals on stuff that doesn't quite cut it, only to end up with quality stuff in the end, having wasted a bunch of money along the way.


There is a fair amount of technical gear that can be had on a budget. For example, REI's store brand of shells, down jackets, and pants are very good and, while they aren't cheap, they are a lot more affordable than the branded stuff from Arcteryx, Patagonia, etc. Marmot is another brand that makes quality stuff that isn't crazy expensive. Eddie Bauer has a line called First Ascent which is supposedly pretty solid, too.


Check out sites like Department of Goods, REI Outlet, and Sierra Trading Post. And always check your local shops. You'd be surprised what they put on sale, especially late in the season.

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Thanks for the reply, I suppose the down jacket is OK though, as it is literally just a cheap 650 fill power, lightweight piece...cant really go wrong there?


I really need a windproof/waterproof, but most of the brands you mentioned are quite hard to find in the UK, anymore suggestions?


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The "down" jacket may or may not be OK.  I am suspicious that as one reviewer stated it is "duck" down.  Nowhere does it state that it is goose down which is warmer and lighter than duck down.  Additionally is the fabric is not downproof you will have down plumules leaking out pretty much all the time.  Go to a ski shop and see what brands are available then check online for better prices.  Also go to mountaineering/backpacking/hiking stores to see what they have.

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for a down sweater like that you want to see the fabric used be 'Pertex' (developed in the UK). These guys helped create it and make some spectacular clothing that is cost effective for what it is:

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Ooookie dokey, cheers for the help...i recently resolved my "Spyder" jacket return, and bought a brand new Adidas Adistar Archetype jacket...ticks all the boxes, Gore Tex, Wind stopper, and is deffo real because I bought it through the Adidas website ><<br /> They so have a reasonable priced goose down jacket, which im contemplating purchasing, unless you guys can gimme a reason not to...which im sure you can ^^'s+Basic+Goose+Down+Jacket/detail.jsf?_VCM=1324938456084
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Well the down jacket looks fine, but I don't understand what you're going to do with the other one. That Archetype is a running jacket. It's not a shell that you can layer beneath. For example, that down jacket will not fit under it. 


Also, be aware that Gore Tex is a brand and Gore makes many different products. That jacket is Gore Windstopper. It will block wind but is not waterproof like Gore Pro Shell or Soft Shell. 


Based on the style of that down jacket, it might be tough to find any shell to fit over it. However, it's fine to just ski in a down jacket as long as it's cold enough that the down won't get wet. 

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I agree with Kaufee, mostly.  I don't agree that the down jacket would be fine by itself.  I doubt the fabric is durable enough for skiing.  Everything else Kaufee said I agree with and will add that the "shell" jacket will compress the down to the point that it probably won't provide much insulation.

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north face hyvent jackets, cheap and work well. You need a winter jacket/shell.
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You know, I wore a Gore-tex rain jacket for a number of years successfully as a casual skier.  It was oversized so it fit layers underneath and it was waterproof.   I stayed warm and dry. 


Once I started skiing more regularly, I was happier in an actual ski jacket. 

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It doesn't have to be a "ski" jacket to ski in it. $35 fleece lined polyester sport jacket, $25 double knit poly pull over, light poly t shirt.  Stuff I wear everyday. Wore this on my first tour and for a weekend at Whistler. Real ski pants is where I put my money.





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Originally Posted by mtcyclist View Post

I agree with Kaufee, mostly.  I don't agree that the down jacket would be fine by itself.  I doubt the fabric is durable enough for skiing.  Everything else Kaufee said I agree with and will add that the "shell" jacket will compress the down to the point that it probably won't provide much insulation.

I don't really agree with myself either. I was trying to be optimistic. There are down jackets that are designed as outerwear for skiing, but they are not made by Adidas. As Acrophobia was saying, I was thinking more along the lines of the casual/occasional skiier. 


Just trying to get a breakdown of your budget from those two pieces, 65 pounds is $100 and 45 pounds is $65.  So assuming you can spend $165, here's a few examples of what you can get for about that in the states:


Those are just from 5 minutes of searching, and any of those will suit you better than what you've been considering previously. While I understand it would be nice to have a separate shell and down layer, it doesn't seem like it's in your budget. Like wooley said, if you're gonna get anything fancy, spend it on pants for when those lifts are cold and wet. 


krishan, one thing to remember reading these forums is that people here are very passionate about skiing and will ski in extreme and adverse conditions where waterproof/windproof technical gear is required. I was skiing this morning in heavy rain just because I had the day off and am so desperate to make turns. But for the vast majority of skiiers who are skiing at resorts under normal conditions, any of the jackets above will be just fine. I skied my whole life without Gore Tex and if I had to give it up now, it would make almost no difference to me. I just would've stayed in bed this morning, which would have been smarter anyway.




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