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As a bit of a project I have created Grooveshark Playlists for a number Warren miller Ski Films. I often find myself with the songs from these films stuck in my head. For those of you unfamiliar with Grooveshark it is an online streaming service that enables you to create playlists; sort by artist, song or album, and listen to other music by those artists or similar. It is a great way to listen to artists you love as well as to discover new music.  

The Project:

·         Catalogue the soundtracks for Ski films

o   Start with the Warren Miller collection. They are the ones I grew up on and have a soft spot for.

o   Use this website get their playlists:

o   Create an excel spreadsheet listing the catalogue, you can find my spreadsheet on Google docs: Ski Film index (Any song which I could not find on grooveshark is highlighted in red)

o   Spend countless hours on Grooveshark creating playlists for each film. They can be found (along with all my other playlists) by following me on Grooveshark here:

§  Or you can find each Ski film playlist here and follow them that way

·         Dynasty

·         Higher Ground

·         Children of Winter

·         Wintervention

·         PlayGround

·         Impact

·         Off the Grid

·         Journey

·         Storm

·         Cold Fusion

o   Listen to the tunes and explore the other tunes by the artists you enjoy!

o   Don’t forget to support the artists you fall in love with.

o   This should hold me over for a season of road trips to the mountains but the next set will be the TGR films. If anyone has any suggestions I would love to listen to some new stuff!