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New Years at 7 springs?

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Anyone going to be at 7 springs for new years.  I am going to be there from the 28th to Jan.2nd.



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I might be there New Years Day with the family. We'll be early to beat the hang overs. Hope the weather co-operates.

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Got to be there early for any nice skiing.  Skied Sat, Sun and Mon.  Conditions were best on Monday, but way tooooo crowded by noon each day.  Need more slopes open to thin the crowd out.  Today looks like 6 to 12 hours of rain then 3 to 5 inches.  Got rain on the Ridge at 2650' right now. I will be there Thursday night and then early each day.  The long term looks good for cooler temps and maybe a Jan 2nd snow event.

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Looking doubtful for tomorrow. If I had a seasons pass I'd go but I'll save my cash for next week when winter arrives. How do you like paying for parking in the North Lots? Gotta hand it to Bob, if the big boys can do it so can he. How else would we know that Seven Springs is a bonafided destination resort?


Thrusday was kind of like Disney, 20 minute wait in line for a 1 minute ride.

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SS now has lift ticket sales at the main lodge and the North Lot booths only.   No more main gate ticket windows.  SOOO now pass holders have to drive all the way to the main entrance and then backup to the North Lot!  They had the North Lot pay parking in effect on Monday, but only three minor North Face runs were open?  I didn't see any cars parked in the pay parking on Monday.

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