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Quick USSA question

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Would some one (me) be able to race In a USSA race with out being in a USSA program.  I do race in a high school league and Im registered with the USSA, but I do not have enough time to actually be a part of a full race program.  Any answer is much appreciated.  

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I wanted to say no, but then re-read your post.  You're registered with USSA, but not in a race program.  As long as you can find a coach in a race program to represent you in the Team Captain's meetings, you can race.

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or, if you're 18, you can represent yourself.

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I've been racing independent since I was 16... alot of states do not require representation at races unless its a speed event. And even then you can easily find a coach on hill in the morning to rep you at the team captains meeting. If you plan on racing FIS, you can do the same thing. Just find a team that is going ahead of time and drop an email to one of the coaches.


I also represented myself a handful of times at speed events in the past when I was under 18... just show up to the team captain's meeting to make sure your name doesn't get pulled from the list.

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Key ingredient being you can't just show up and race.  I'd check with NJSRA on the requirements.  You'll have to send your various info into them anyway to get on mailing lists.  Also, according to their handbook, you have to join NJSRA.

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