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Eastern PA Epic Days

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hey guys,


any details regarding an Eastern PA Epic day?



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No such thing existsbiggrin.gif


Seriously folks...I'll be here all week. And I'd be down for something like that.  I have the midweek pass at Camelback, so many weekedays and weekends after 3pm, I'd be up for that.



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the reason i asked is b/c LP had mentioned doing one @ Blue Mtn (possibly).....just following up on that offer, i suppose.

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I'm not opposed to Blue (or anywhere for that matter).  I am opposed to this no snow/cold temps business thoughhopmad.gif

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I'd be up for Blue when they start running the Challenge lift side (don't want to yoyo up and down Main Street) or when Elk get s more open than Susquehanna.

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That is, if Elk stays open. See my post in Resorts and Mountains.

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ya, i'm good for what ever mtn works best.  hopefully the forecasted rain storm doesn't wipe out all our man-made snow this week nonono2.gif

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I'm headed to Blue this Friday. 

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Think I'll try Blue 1/3 or 1/4 now that they have Paradise and a couple other ways down to the Valley Lodge. Want to warm up for demo day at Elk on Fri.

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Have not been this forum for a while. I did an exchange wiht Virsin and we touched briefly on the subject. She was thinking a weekend in Feb.


I'd be up for a mid-week day - site to be determined.


I'll open a thread in the Epic Trip Planning Forum.

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Finally got up to Blue 1/19 for my first day on skis this year. Not too bad, considering the weather.Everything but Switchback & the big terrain park is open, no lines. Nicest snow on Lazy Mile, everything else firm but skiable. Will go back for the demo day this coming Monday, then on to Elk, I hope.

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