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Bluetooth headset

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I am planning to buy one of the bluetooth headset for my helmet to listen to the music while snowboarding. Does anyone use bluetooth headset on their helmet?

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I have been using a Uclear bluetooth for this season and it has worked flawlessly. The model I have is the HBC100, they have since released the HBC120 which is a ski specific model that includes a helmet to helmet communicator. I have been very happy with the sound quality, design and battery life. 





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Have you heard of Sena SPH10? It is also one of the Bluetooth headset, but with intercom feature.


Intercom provides completely different riding experience to the users from the availability of communication during the ride.


With Sena SPH10, you can easily communicate with your companions. You can warn them if you encounter with icy slope. You can direct them to the route you planned to go. You can chat during a ride.


Try Sena SPH10 to experience a fun, safe, and memorable ride.

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That Sena is a viable option for sure, it does look a bit more bulky from the outside than the UCLear which also has an intercom feature in the 120 version. 

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I think all the Bluetooth products coming out now are going to be a hit. It's much easier to listen to music without having to mess with a wire or any of that. A lot of them allow you to use your phone too, which I wouldn't ever really need to do on the slopes, but it has its perks. I like the Smith Optics products, they partner with Skullcandy a decent bit to produce these kind of helmets and devices. I like how they have a controls on the outer part of the helmet so you can have everything easily accessed and don't need to take off your gloves.

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A friend of mine uses these. He is a techy and is extremely happy with the operation. They fit many non-Smith helmets too.


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Just posted a review of the Sena SPH10G here:


Surprised there hasn't been more feedback on these, though  they are pretty new.  I havn't seen any others out there at my local ski area (Crystal).  Recommend the Sena.


I also tried the $80 Giro bluetooth from rei:


The Giro unit didn't work with my Andriod Razr 4G phone during call initiation where phone voice prompts "please say a command" failed to be forwarded to the helmet, yet the phone clearly was waiting for me to say "dial joe...".  Lame.

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