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Head Railflex Bindings

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I have a pair of skis mounted with a heavy Demo binding- Dynastar/Look PX 12s. I'm looking to replace them with a lighter binding that can also let me move the center point back 1-2 cms. Plus, after doing a search, I gathered that with a drilled ski, mounting a plate will minimize weakening as the holes are spaced in a wider pattern.. (?)

 Which lead me to the Railflex. Not much recent info on these- are they heavy? LevelNine has the RFD 12 at 5 lbs, RFD 14 at 5.6 - that's either very heavy or light / average depending on whether it's both or each...

Are these bindings decent ? I've had lots of experience with Looks, Sollies and Markers, never with these. Thanks.



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I have installed the RFD 11s and they don't feel much heavier than any of the other system bindings. They are a little heavier, but feel much sturdier than some of the others on stock skis, so I would take that into consideration. Check the brake width also.  Dave.

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I have the RFD 12 from Level Nine. Have skied them the past 2 years. Have not had any problems with them. I haven't noticed any feeling of excessive weight. Seem ok to me.

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You may want to check around if one of your local shops has the mounting jig for the Railflex system.  I have read about some horror stories of people ordering the binding and not being able to have the bindings mounted because their local shops did not have the jig.  It probably can be mounted jigless, but the tech better know what he is doing.



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Weight wise I don't have any problem with them. If you travel with your skis they're great because you can take 2-3 pair of skis, and one set of bindings.


Have used them for 2 years now on different skis, and don't have any complaints, particularly with the nice rear axial release. I put them on so I can trade skis quickly with my kids.


Anyway, can;t think of a reason not to use them, and I'm a Look binding guy historically.

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I have had my rf hd 14's since 2006. originally on my head monsters, now used on my volkl mantras as well. I also have a pair of 115mm brakes so will be looking around for a wider ski. 3 pair of skis , 1 pair of bindings.
I have to travel for my turns and they are great fo travellers. Off they come and distributed amongst other luggage. Allows me to fit 2 pair plus other stuff in ski bag. This is particularly useful for skiing in Japan or NZ ( strict luggag limit of 1 piece, max 20 kgs)
Onmy Mantras, I have mounted the +1 at the 0 mark. this allowsme to quickly move bindings aft 1.5 -3cm. I have them at -3 for japan(niseko) and at -1.5 for variable conditions(north america). 0 here in Oz.
As far s mounting goes, theplates act as jigs. I mounted my own after some research on the web. If a qualified tech can't do it then I wouldn't want them touching my skis as they would be morons.
Currently looking around for some ld12's for my son as he is still growing.
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Thanks, people... I was looking for actual weight in grams and I found this excellent 2007 thread on TGR by Skibomb


He writes:


Finally, I weighed the 177 Karmas pictured before and after mounting them with the Railflex system and bindings, and the Karma’s weight before mounting was 1750 grammes. After about 5 coats of wax and with the plates and LD12 bindings in place they weighed 3300 grammes on the same scales. In other words, the set-up adds about 1500 grammes per ski, which tallies with the official data for the LD12 which is 2440 per pair when you add the weight of plates.

This seems heavier than some (like the latest Salomon demo bindings) but certainly lighter than a lot of other moveable bindings.




  He's describing the RFD14. the RFD12 is .89 the weight, so that should be around 1335 grams, probably a bit more, cause the plate weighs the same on both. I did find this excellent binding weight chart on epic:




2009 Look/Dynastar PX 12: 1170 grams (2.58 lbs), each

2009 Look/Dynastar PX 12 Ti: 1190 grams (2.62 lbs), each

2009 Look/Dynastar PX 12 Lifter: 1260 grams (2.78 lbs), each

2009 Look/Dynastar PX 12 Lifter Wide: 1270 grams (2.80 lbs), each

2009 Look/Dynastar PX 12 Jib: 1280 grams (2.82 lbs), each

2009 Look/Dynastar PX 12 Jib Wide: 1290 grams (2.84 lbs), each


2009 Dynastar PX Racing 12 (PX 12 Racing): 1210 grams (2.67 lbs), each

2009 Dynastar PX Racing 14 (PX 14 Racing): 1250 grams (2.76 lbs), each


2009 Marker Griffin (std. brake width): 945 grams (2.08 lbs), each

2009 Marker M11.0 Twincam Free: 960 grams (2.12 lbs), each (source

2009 Marker Jester (std. brake width): 995 grams (2.19 lbs), each

2009 Marker 12.0 Free: About 1200 grams (2.65 lbs), each (source:

2009 Marker Baron (std. brake width): 1225 grams (2.70 lbs), each

2009 Marker Duke (std. brake width): 1300 grams (2.87 lbs), each


2009 Rossignol SAS2 120: 1160 grams (2.56 lbs), each (source

2009 Rossignol SAS2 140 Ti Wide: 1361.5 grams (3.00 lbs), each (source


2009 Salomon Z12 Ti: 857 grams (1.89 lbs), each

2009 Salomon STH 12 B100: 1015 (2.24 lbs), each

2009 Salomon STH 14 B100: 1025 grams (2.26 lbs), each

2009 Salomon STH 16 B100: 1161 grams (2.56 lbs), each




So, weight wise, considering the plate, we're in the ballpark. The next consideration is can I remount these without hitting the old holes... that may take taking to a shop with the jig.



Sounds like a great binding. Sweet deals on levelnine


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P.S.: Craigr- If you loved the old Mantras, try the 2012s. Wow.

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