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Edge tuning tool?

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Looking for the best stone, or tool for my line prophets. I have successfully filled the base with ptex in the past, as well as waxed. So why not sharpen them myself.

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A set of Diaface diamond stones and an edge guide from SVST is about as good as it gets. Add a surgical stone for removing the hanging burr. 

Check out SlideWright's website. They have them all in stock, and they support EpicSki.



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For moonflex stones I use a 100 and 200, I don't bother with anything else. I bought spring clamps from home depot for $2.00 each. I do have a few SVST steel edge guide, 92 & 93. I have cut up a Panzor file into 1-2" pieces that I will clamp in front of the moonflex on the edge guide if I need to file.


You'll also want something like the SkiVisions base flatening tools. If you don't have flat bases you don't get a true edge angle.


You can get all that from Terry's site, slidewright.


Oh yea, you don't de-tune a shaped ski. Don't know if people still do that.



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I use the 400 grit diamond stone the most.  It cuts less while sharpening than a 200 grit.  So less metal removal.  Higher grits are more ploishing in nature.


Be careful if you buy a single stone and use the Epic 10% discount because it will take the total below $30.  You won't get the $30 free shipping bonus unless you tip it back over $30. 

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Wintersteiger Discman.....  It is a lot of money up front but it rocks!


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Originally Posted by TuckerDH View Post

Wintersteiger Discman.....  It is a lot of money up front but it rocks!


I'd kill for one of those!





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