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"Model Year"

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In the market for new boots.  Followed recommendations here and fit a bunch last SAT.  Down to three models:  Technica Mega + 10, Nordica Hot Rod 8.5 & Rossignol Synergy Sensor 90s.  All felt pretty good on the test fits.


Intermediate to advanced, 25% off trail runs, 230 LBS, 6'4".  SO, looking for a litte stiffer than normal.


3 questions:


A)  Any one of the above stick out better or worse?? 


B)  Any I'm missing in this range??


C (Most important)  Other than changes in boot specs from year to year, is there a reason to go with a 2012 vs a 2011 model of the same boot??




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sure:  just about every company makes a boot similar to this.

not really,  as long as the boots fit you,  that is key above everything else

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looking at the stats you gave 230lb all of the boots you list are a bit of the soft side at around 90-100 flex

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One additional question:  Does a 90 flex Nordica match a 90 flex Lange, or does it vary by boot manufacturer??


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varies a bit.  but 90 is med to soft

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