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I'll be in the market for a new pair of boots soon, so I'm wondering if anybody here knows where the best place to go would be.  To my knowledge the best option is Viking Ski Shop, they are certified through a bootfitting authority of some sort(forgot the name) and well, there doesn't appear to be too many other options.  So can anybody confirm that this place will do a quality job, or point me in another direction?  Another thing is; are there some specific boots I should be on the look out for? I'm 5'7, 200 lbs, talents fall in 5-7 range, the guy at REI sized my foot up at 28, had me try on a 28.5. I ski mostly in southern wisconsin, but I've got a second annual trip to Breck in the works.  I'm looking to improve technique in turning and balance and I'm also looking to begin exploring off-piste with the wayward goal of trying powder skiing.


Thanks for any and all help.