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Bootfitter needed

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Hi folks looking for boot fitter closest to Kingston Ontario. I'm up for a visit to TO or Ottawa.

stance alignment will be needed because of  pronation.

if your up for a challenge give me a holler



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no one ?

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closest i could think of is Lou in Calgary (now this is probably several hours from you but I DO NOT know the geography of Canada, sorry)

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Thanks for the reply, Calgary is about 3000 kilometers from me or a 4 hour plane ride.

I will be there the end of February though for a ski tour and may see some of these guys.


Just got a lead on  a more local fellow and am going to follow it up.

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oops , so not that local


have a go with your local guy and let us know how you get on

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"More " local guy, still 200 km away.

I dont want the local guy.


If I'm an accepted customer,I will report, or I'm having an extended layover in Banff.

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ok so the local guy is that good :) 


good luck getting sorted

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if you have not solved the issues, and are coming to banff,  stop by the store and see me.


soul ski and ride

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I will...

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