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Powder Skis

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Visiting the wife's family for the holidays and will have no chance to hit the slopes. Have fallen so far as to read an article on skiing vs. snowboarding in "Via", the AAA magazine. A statement by one Allen St. John (writer for the NY Times and Rolling Stone) caught my attention.  It's in the context of snowboards' superior float, and I thought I'd share it with you folks:


"Today's superfat powder skis, which enable biped sliders to join the fun, began as a snowboard ripped in half on a bandsaw."




(Title edited 'cause I didn't like it.)

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I'm going to go with... not true.  McConkey used water skis.  I'm sure what they described happened at some point of course, but disagree with how they phrased it.

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I read this also elsewhere. Check out the recent Ski mag that discusses changes through the decades and there is a small caption about this. In half ? No, but altered  by a band saw and used, Yes.

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Yeah, I wouldn't say a snowboard cut in half. However, float with new powder skis is definately up there with the snowboards, AFAIK.

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research the atomic powder plus' evolution 1992-1994. when building the ski, atomic first used a snowboard core cut in half and then re-profiled into a ski core, and then built the rest of the ski in with traditional build techniques.  once the ski was on the open market it had a properly designed ski core in it.  


shane/spatulas were a decade later.  and shane started skiing waterskis AFTER then spatula came out.  

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msolson's correct. Almost all were mounted offset with ESS bindings.  In Aspen, people would harangue the powder tour clients getting on the gondola for their "cheaters".   Then one time I was on a cat trip and this girl kept falling constantly, slowing up the group. They put her on a pair of PP and she was ripping.  I ended up buying a pair at the end of that season.  

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I just read this article today and it's cringe-worthy.  Skiing vs. Snowboarding (stupid already right there) and the snowboarder's argument is basically: "Shaun White snowboards, how cool is that?"

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