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fused ankle

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My ankle is fused such that I have a slight amount of drop-foot (toes pointing down). I have compensated for this a bit with an inside-the-boot heel wedge. However, this does not compensate fully, I still must ski with my bad foot forward of my good foot by a couple of inches. I am thinking that if I could raise my bad heel some more then I could bring that foot back under me and get back to a proper balance. The problem is, I cannot fit a higher wedge inside the boot.


I am thinking that a wedge that fits between binding and ski might do the trick. But I have searched the net and I can't find such a thing. So, I am wondering if anyone here has any advise?


Thanks in advance.

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you in Kelona BC?   go talk to Lou, in calgary (lou's ski service)  he is also on the board and can help

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Yep, I am in Kelowna. I don't get to Calgary very often, it's a 6 hr drive. But I will call Lou and ask him for suggestions. 



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