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FIS legal?

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Looking at a used pair of Atomic race 12SL, tho I am not sure if they are FIS legal. 114, 66, 103, R13m.  


I am not sure if it still will be FIS legal above the 63 under foot FIS rule. ski.jpg

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Why are you concerned of their status as far as FIS legal? I'm not trying to be condescending just wondering as per your motives. You will NEVER get called out on an illegal ski at any level below nor-am, and even at that point stand-height would be the least of their worries unless your winning.



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Somewhere there is a link to the updated rules.


Anyway, on that PDF file it clearly states the stand height and width requirements, and in which year each of the changes will be implemented.


Unless you are racing WC, Nor-Am, Continental Cup, or J1 junior, I don't believe it will matter too much.

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Its for Nor-am And WC for IPC (international paralympic committee) I am an LW4, Below the knee amputee!! 


Below are the Regulations for IPC Alpine Skiing Competition 

Equipment for athletes, I will be competing in GS and SL




Giant Slalom
• Ski length 
Women COC/WC/WCH/PWG:         Minimum 180 cm 
Women IPCAS Races:                    Minimum 180 cm / -5 cm tolerance 
Men COC/WC/WCH/PWG:              Minimum 185 cm 
Men IPCAS Races:                          Minimum 185 cm / -5 cm tolerance 
• Radius 
Women COC/WC/WCH/PWG          Minimum 23m 
Men  COC/WC/WCH/PWG              Minimum 27m 
Women IPCAS Races                     Minimum 21m 
Men IPCAS Races                          Minimum 21m 
Children II:                                      Minimum 17m 
Profile Width 
Men and Women:  COC/WC/WCH/PWG:       65mm  
Men and Women: IPCAS Races:   60mm 
• Ski length 
Women (all IPCAS categories):            Minimum 155 cm 
Men & Junior I (all IPCAS categories):  Minimum 165 cm 
Children II:                                         Minimum 130cm 
Profile Width 
Men and Women: COC/WC/WCH/PWG:             63 mm 
Men and Women: IPCAS Races                         60mm





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Rules are the same as FIS with the exception of IPCAS (international paralympic committee Alpine skiing), tho if one was to have FIS approved equipment for COC/WC/WCH/PWG then that equipment would work for the IPCAS races also! 



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That is minimum width in the rule list, not maximum. Therefore 68 is greater than 63 or 60.


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That's what I figure, just making sure... 


Thanks all


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