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Bindings question

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Hey guys, quick question.  My new Atomic skis came with XTO 10 bindings (unmounted), I want to get some Salomon Z12 Ti Ski Bindings instead.  Will these mount on my skis ?  I've heard that most Salomon and Atomic bindings are pretty much the same.

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How is a z-toe Solly an improvement?

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Didn't say it was an improvement.  My only concern with XTO 10's is the max weight rating is 235 lbs....well I weigh in at 225 lbs.  I would gladly swap up to the XTO 12 OME bindings if I could find somebody who sells them seperate and not with a ski package.  If not then what bindings would you recommend that have a Din of at least 12 or higher that will work with my skis (Atomic Vario Scandiums) ?



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Same issue here.  Recently picked up a set of Atomic Blackeye Ti-X skis with XTO 10 bindings but am concerned that the bindings aren't sufficient.  I have, however, managed to get ahold of a set of XTO 12 bindings.  Can anyone confirm if I am able to install the XTO 12 instead without a problem?  I am assuming so since they are the same system.

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If it's not a system ski (pre installed plate) you can use whatever binding you want. Doesn't have to be atomic.
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