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2012 Dynastar Sultan 94 VS Fischer watea 94 ?

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I have a chance to pick up either the 2012  Watea 94 or Sultan 94 in a 178cm  for my Vermont ( Killington)  powder tree ski .


I have not had the chance to ski either model and I am looking for imput on the differences between the 2 skis?

I have a chance to get either skis at a great price! Just don't have a clue? 6.1 190lbs 51 young years and an advanced skier.

I ski at Killington with my kids.


Thanks for your help!



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Both skis ski easy in and easy out of the turn. Somewhat nimble for their waste width (94mm) yet wide enough to go through variable snow conditions,crud and float decent in powder. Good all mountain cruisers. The most important element for these two skis if you are looking for the best balanced efficient experience is what binding are you going to put on it? Whatever you choose make sure that it is adjusted so that the delta between the toe and the heel is somewhere between 2-3mm. Without an alignment expert totally dialing you in for most human men with boot sizes between 25 and 28 mondo this delta is within 1mm of their preferred fore aft position.

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The Legend 94 is more damp and has better grip while the Watea is lighter and more nimble. For strictly soft snow capabilities, the Watea would be the better choice while the Legend would have better capabilities on harder or heavier snow.



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The Watea 94 comes with the Fischer XTR 12 Demo bindings.


I did a search and could not find out and binding information.


I figure I would try them first see how thet ski.







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Thanks for your input.


The purpose of the ski is to rip fresh snow on the mountain.


For the every day typical fast and firm conditions I have a pair of Stockli Rotor 76 169cm  on its last days and a pair of  Blizzard SLR  IQ 167cm in great shape and is  lots of fun!!



Sounds like the Watea 94 is the way to go.









Hmmmm.. Maybe an end of year sale to replace the Rotors?

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I demo'd both, liked both, but new instantly that the Watea 94 was the one for me.......could be different for you though. Watea's are very light, very nimble, and have excellent edge grip in my opinion. An extremely stable ski also. I have them mounted with Marker Griffons.
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Thanks for your input!


I think the Wateas are the way to go!


I dont plan on skiing the skis on real hard pack and like a fun ski.





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Have not tried the Watea 94's, but demo'd the Sultan 94 in VT last March.  While it is a very capable ski, I did not like the feel.  SJ described it as "more damp" ... I would agree completely.  It just didn't have the "fun factor" in the feel of the ride.  If you like a lighter and livelier ski, the Sultan 94 is not it IMO.

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You'll like the Watea's.  They are a very nimble ski for 94mm underfoot, and with a sharp edge are quite capable on the hardpack.  I've got Head Railflex 14's mounted as binders, and was happier with the -15mm setting (bindings mounted 15mm farther towards the tail).  If you get bindings that you can shift fore/aft a bit, I'd recommend playing with it to find your personal sweet spot.

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