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Forward Pressure on Marker Griffon Demo Bindings

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Just bought a pair of skis with above bindings.  Would I be correct in saying the forward pressure is set by adjusting the heal binding to the appropriate BSL?  I do not see another adjustment screw.  With the binding released, I placed the boot in the binding and adjusted to where the binding just/almost touched the back of the boot.  Is there a different adjustment that my blind eyes are not seeing?


Did some searches on here last night but didn't see anything for the demo version of this binding.  I was going to do more searching this moring but appears the search function is having some problems.


Apprecaite any advice.

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I would also appreciate some input on adjusting the toe for boot lenght.  First pic shows entire toe piece.  Second pic shows a slide - is that what frees the toe piece to adjust?  I tried sliding to the side and then adjusting the toe but no success.  Maybe I am not moving it to the side far enough.  Thoughts?





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Only the heal piece moves forward and backwards to adjust the forward pressure.

There is a screw at the back of the heal piece, when your boot is in the binding the screw should be flush. Also don't adjust the screw with the boot clicked in.
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Oh that's a demo binding. The front needs to be set to the right bsl or you won't be at the right spot on the ski.
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Yep, they are demo bindings.  Trying to understand how to release the toe for proper placement of boot on the ski.  See pics above.  Also on the heal, the screw in the back adjust the binding for BSL.  Doesn't appear that is for setting toe pressure on this binding but I could be wrong.  Thoughts?

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Ok so toe piece issue has been resolved - screw I had assumed was for DIN setting was actually used to move toe piece...  DIN setting has a recessed screw on the side. 


My only question is what is the indicator for proper forward pressure on these demo bindings.  The screw on the back of the binding is used to adjust the BSL on the track.  Is it also the indicator for forward pressure?


binding 3.JPG

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Yes you got it right, on the very front screw of the toe piece is the BSL adjustment, the side of the toe piece is the DIN screw.  


First thing is you set your BSL on the toe piece according to your boot BSL.  Then you do a quick adjustment on the heal piece to your boot size.  Put your boot in and check the screw, It should be flush with the plastic, adjust accordingly.  DON'T adjust the screw with a boot in the bindings, it can damage the worm screw.  Once it's flush you have the correct forward pressure.


You can also do the same thing if you want to move your binding forwards or backwards a few cm.  You don't have to go by those BSL numbers on the binding plate.  One of the perks of a adjustable binding.

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What has me confused with this binding is the screw does not seem to move relative to the housing around it.  Turning the screw moves the binding forward or back on the track.  Put the boot in the binding and the screws position relative to the housing around it does not change at all.  I am missing something here and it is probably obvious but I am still missing it.  Thoughts?

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If the screw doesn't move in after you put your boot in you need to tighten it more. Flush is the key.
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You are correct sir!!!  Tighten it down and got the screw flush.  Appreciate the help.

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Glad to help.
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