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BUY? Deals today, Advice needed please!

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All, I would like some advice to either keep the rentals I am using or buy the skis I have been looking at. First of all, I live in CO, at least for the rest of this year so I have the epic local pass. That means breck, keystone, a basin and a little vail/beaver creek. Oh and I'm going to steamboat for new years. 


Right now I am skiing rental Head Xenon 7.0. Recently I caught my eyes on skis at a local shop that I like. Here is what I'm looking at:

1) Line Influence 105

2) Line Sir Francis Bacon

3) Blizzard Cochise


I am most interested in the influence based on the type of skiing I will be doing. I will try to get up in the bowls and back country as much as I can but honestly it will be rare to catch perfectly clean powder and will always end up on the groomed at some point. Even the fresh powder will be skied hard in just half a day. The reason I want to get these is because on my last trip I realized I was sick of all groomed! So best case lets say I will be 50/50 from piste to off piste. 


Please offer you opinions! I can get 15% off a buy today so I'm trying to get info quick!! Thanks ahead of time!

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I would definitely go with the Cochise out of those three.  I haven't demoed it yet but it's getting rave reviews and even won Ski Mag's Ski of the Year.  

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Great, thanks.  You think its worth the buy though, hence I will get more out of my skiing with those??

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15% off of retail isnt that good of a deal.




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Agreed, but right now I would rather get everything in one store so I only have one place to go back to instead of shopping around for weeks and getting each parts at different stores.

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Yeah if you are gonna be doing a little bit of everything I would imagine they would be your best friend.  They're a great ski to buy if you only wanna buy one.  But you have to accept that they won't do things as well as condition/types of skiing-specific skis.  It's not gonna carve like a race ski, nor float like something 150 under foot, but it will be good and capable at pretty much everything.

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Yes this will definitely be used as a one quiver ski and here's the deal I can get right now.

Blizzard Cochise: $573

Nordica Firearrow F4: $425

Marker Griffin 110mm: $195


Also though, I'm a little concerned about the length, which are 185cm. I stand about 6'3" and weigh 195. Does it sound like that will be okay? 

So should I buy? Does this sound good?


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That's honestly a toss up.  If powder and stability are priorities, I would go with the 193.  If you're more concerned with maneuverability and playfulness, maybe go with the 185.  If I were you I would go with the 193 but I don't know what kind of skiing you do.  


BTW, Where the hell can you find F4's for $425?!!!!!!!!

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The F4's are just at a shop with %15 off.  I have a dilemma though... I can get the 185's that cheap because of a $90 off for a really small ding in one tip.  It was fixed and looks fine but got a discount.  So should I just suck it up and get the 193's, or buy these now.  

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I would say suck it up and get the 193's.  Don't let money get in the way here.  I think you will be happier on the 193's than the 185's.  Believe me you don't wanna be stuck with skis that are too short just to save a few bucks.  Swallow the pill, spend the money, and get a ski that's right for you.  And my bad as to the F4's.  I thought you were referring to the F1's, which I am currently looking at, but then reread it and realized I was wrong.  

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Yea that's good advice, I'm pretty sure I will go with the 193.  I just hope I can get them in and ready for a trip to steamboat for New Years!  So besides the ski size, good package?? 

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Did you ever get the 193's?

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Unfortunately no I got the 185's from the shop since they couldn't order in any 193 because Blizzard is sold out.  Looking back I am starting to regret this decision... I should have just gone to another source.  I have skied 4 days on the 185 and they have been absolutely great but I cannot stop wondering what the 193's may be like.  I have contemplated getting mine tuned up so i can sell them for a reasonable price and then ordering 193's from somewhere. Any advice here?? With my ski boots on the 185's are at eye level.  


Otherwise the 185's have been great.  We don't really have powder out here yet but they have been really fast and fun on groomed runs.  I think they still hold and turn great!

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I would think 185's at your weight (and height) are probably just fine, but I'm not sure how much rocker (if any) are on those sticks and how short they ski.

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btw...this thread might be worth a look:



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I have a pair of 193's brand new in the wrapping for sale is why I ask.  Looking for around $650 for them.

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You'll like the 185's I would think more than the 193 in the bumps. But consider the source, I have never skied the ski. I85 cm I never would consider too short for your weight and height.

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