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Rossignol S86 vs E88 vs E98?

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Last year I demoed the S86 and loved it. It had good edge hold, was quick and easy in the bumps, and plowed through crud easily. The sweet spot seemed huge.  I'm in the market for new skis, and have a line on a almost new pair for cheap.  Can anyone compare the S86 to the E88 or E98.  I'm a solid skier, I ski hard, usually 33% groomer, 33% bumps, 33% off piste, 6 foot, 185 lbs.  I'm getting back into alpine skiing after 7 years of telemark.  Is the E88 noticeably better than the S86?  I like bumps - will the E98 be too slow/planky?  

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The E88 is very different than the S86. I would say, using your percentages, the E88 is 50% groomer, 25% Off piste/bumps each. The S86 is closer to what you want, if a leftover. In this years lineups I would say the Bushwacker would be the best choice of all. The E98...not so much. 

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I have skied all these skis extensively. The Bushwhacker skis very different then the Rossi 86. The Experience 88 is softer than the 86 as well, even though it is a very good ski, The Experience 98 even though it is wider underfoot than the 86 is closer in flex pattern to the 86. If you like a cambered ski with a bit of pop and more stable on hard pack when you need to rail on it the 98 is pretty solid. The Bushwhacker is also a very good ski so don't get me wrong its just a different feeling ski then the 86. If I am reading you right here that was the basis of your question....what ski skis more like the 86?

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I demoed the E88s recently, but they seemed less versatile than the S86s to me. The S86 I tried last year felt like I could take it anywhere. It's not a perfect ski, but it performs reasonably well no matter what you through at it. The E88 seems to have better performance on-piste, but it didn't build my confidence when I skied it in the bumps or in softer snow. (Note: I should add that I ski somewhat cautiously in the bumps to preserve my knees - so no zipper lines here). Personally I like the S86's forgiving tail because it makes the ski seem shorter. In a 186 length, I had a lot more trouble with the E88 in the bumps than with the S86. With the E88 I constantly had to think about where I was positionning the back of my skis. After a few runs, I realized that the sweet spot on the E88 was probably located further forward on the ski, and that I needed to balance my fore/aft stance a bit differently. You can drive the S86 over the bumps with a "soft touch" whilst still staying in the driver's seat. With the E88, I found that I needed a slightly more agressive stance to stay in control. In the end I managed to get down the bumps (reasonably) well with the E88, but I didn't have nearly as much fun as with the S86. To make a long story short, last week I found a good deal on the S86s (here in Europe), so I purchased them. 



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