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Worth Replacing Marker M1100?

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I picked up a pair of Volkl Kenja skis for my wife this autumn. She's an advanced skier that can ski anywhere on the mountain, though she's not cliff jumping.


She's coming off a pair of K2s I bought 7-8 years ago.


Anyway, the K2s have Marker M1100 bindings on them. I checked them out and they look fairly similar to more modern bindings. That said, I have no idea what I'm talking about. I'm totally a ski gear novice.


Is it worth getting new bindings for the Kenjas if I'd be looking to spend less than $250? I just bought the Griffons for my skis, so I'd like go there or something similar.


Mind you, I'd definitely prefer to not spend the money if we're not shorting her something by sticking with the existing Markers.

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Wow, there is very little info on the web about these bindings. Apparently bindings purchased 7 years ago are too old to have the plethora of reviews and feedback more modern gear has. smile.gif

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The M1100 was a lower middle of the road binding that. while might look like a current edition, is still 7+ years old. Considering that the binding is what will hold her to the ski going 30 MPH and a tire is what connects a car to the road going highway speeds...would you put 7 year old mediocre all season tires on a brand new car? 

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if you mount the M1100, you risk having a relatively new ski w/ a non-indemnified binding in a few years. Most bindings stay on 'the list' for about 10 years, after that they are kryptonite to ski techs. I'd put a Marker Squire on it and feel good that she can have her old ski as a rock ski and her new skis won't have problems down the road if she needs a binding adjustment.

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The M1100 is the M11.0 from recent years.  The changes are purely graphic.


With that said, I would still buy her new bindings.  You will get the peace of mind of knowing that she will be skiing with a newer and safer binding system on her skis.  Plus the newer bindings will look better on the new skis than the old bindings.  If you want the Marker replacement, look at the Squire ($189 in most shops).  If you want to upgrade, get her a pair of Griffons ($229 in most shops).


Keep the M1100 on the K2 skis.  It wouldn't hurt for her to have a pair of backup or rock skis.



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Thanks for all the feedback. I thought maybe with the Griffons being all plastic and the M1100s not being, that there might be some hidden old value.


Good point about the beater skis.


I'll grab her a pair of Griffons.

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