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Staying near Stowe, VT?

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Hi guys,


Need some suggestions on where to stay near Stowe, VT. Planning to be there sometime in January for a few days. I know they have their own mountain lodge, but I'm not sure I want to pay $200+/night... A 20/30min drive to the mountain would work if it means price is much lower then at the mountain...


Thank You!

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There are cheaper places to stay in Stowe village; take a look on the website.

I've stayed in Morrisville, which is the next town north of Stowe on Rt. 100 (about 10 miles away).

There's a Best Western and probably some B&B's in Waterbury, which is about 10 miles south of Stowe.

Or you could stay down the road a bit in Montpelier.

Probably the cheapest place to stay would be in Burlington, but that's going to be ~1 hour away from Stowe.

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i always just searched You can easily compare prices of different lodges for your dates.


The first time I went to Stowe in 2004, I stayed at the Innsbruck Inn--nice little place about halfway between the resort and town. It was really cheap (around $60/night with breakfast and apres ski snack), but was like double the price the following year. Not sure what it is now.


Stowe has a ton of lodging, much of it is expensive, but some of the smaller lodges and B&Bs have good prices. It's not so much where in town you stay, but what specific property you stay at that determines pricing.

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Thanks a lot guys! I had no idea about

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As someone earlier mentioned the Best Western in Waterbury looks really nice...we've passed it several times on our way up there.  We normally stay at the Golden Eagle Resort which does have some cheap rooms too.  Very clean place.  The Green Mountain Inn is very nice but more expensive.

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FWIW, the Waterbury Best Western is a nice place to stay and has really nice mountain views which is a bit of a surprise for a place right off of I-89.  The attraction to staying at the BW was the proximity to the Alchemist (RIP) brew pub and restaurant and it is a decent price for a decent room compared to some of the Stowe motels.  The Alchemist was my favorite brew pub in VT and I invested $1,000s surveying brew pubs to reach that conclusion, but alas it is not re-opening after the flood but their brews are still available (sigh).  With the Alchemist gone I think I'll go back to staying closer to Stowe Village. 


If skiing Stowe we'll zip to McCarthy's for an early breakfast most other places don't open early enough to get first chair.

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One of my favorites was the Golden Eagle.  Rooms are nice and clean, nothing special though.  Breakfast is excellent, and it has a pool & health club.  The nice part about the pool/gym is that you can still use it after you check, then go to the locker room and shower and change.  Used to be about $100/night, including breakfast, but I think it's more now.


Plenty of other options at varying price points.  My guess is the Vermont Ski dorm is the cheapest option if you're just looking for a warm place to sleep, but I've never been inside.

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