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Boot fit

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Hi,  I have a couple of questions about my boots and asking about some recommendations.  Most of the threads I searched are a few years old.


So, some background.  I have Nordica SM12 that I have skied for the past 4 seasons, 110flex then last year on 120 flex. I got them fitted at a ski shop near Tacoma, WA. I kept the original liner for the first year until they packed out then was fitted with intuition liners.  They worked great through last year, then about 5 days into this season my feet began to hurt, worse when on the lift, better when flexed in a turn, left more than right and I could feel my heels swimming around a lot more.  So, I tightened the buckles and that fixed the looseness, but my feet went numb and my left big toenail turned purple.  I took them to the boot fitter where I ski at Crystal Mountain and he said the shells were too big for my footsize, when I remember the original fitter saying he was giving me a boot that was a little too small.  He recasted the liners and the footbeds (they looked like a pretzel) and put a wedge in the heel.  They feel great now, nice and tight and not cutting the circulation off.  So, my questions are:


1) Do the shells stretch over time or was I more likely to have been given the wrong boot size?

2) Do I need new boots or is the wedge in the heel a reasonable long term solution?

3) I have a narrow heel, long, but wide foot.  The Nordicas seem to fit my foot very well except the heel.  Are there other manufacturers with a similar toe box, but narrower heel?  If not, is this something that is typically corrected by the boot fitter?


Thanks for your help.  

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Do the shell fit thing, described in the WIKI about which boot will fit etc. at the top of "Ask the boot guy's".  If you have more than 15mm between your heel and the inside of the shell---give up and get the right size.



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I appreciate it, thanks Mike

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