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worn sidewall @ tip

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I have a pair of skis with the sidewall worn @ tips from the skis rubbing togeather @ the tip. The edge now sticks out due to less sidewall present & when the skis rub togeather one ski pushes on the edge of the other ski which will eventualy result in delamintion as one ski pushes the steel edge & base away from the glue holding it.


 Can the sidewall be built up with something like a special glue, fiberglass , bondo or whatever. I have no experience with fiberglass or bondo & have no understanding if they are even suitable. So glue would most likely be most user friendly. Any sugestions

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I guess your new to this, sorry. Not really sure what your saying.


The side walls need to be cut back a bit so the file will not get full of fiberglass material when tuning the side wall. They make tools to do that.


If you mean the base edge it raise up from the P-tex, that's called "railed" the skis are hard to ski and need to be fixed.



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Use epoxy to fill in the missing material. Build a to hold it in place while it cures. Then shape it with a file.


Or don't worry about it. Unless you see wood or soft material such as foam, your skis are damaged structurally.


Also, keep your skis from hitting each other. You probably have a fundamental technique issue if you are hitting your tips together that much.

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Thanks guys


 Master racer I will try the epoxy & will use a file to dull the edges @ the tip also.


 I do not think I have a fundamental technique problem of coarse I could be wrong. I base my technique not by what anyone says but based on what comes natural for the size, shape rythem etc of the turn I desire based on my skiing skills which of late I have been developing through drills which I think up or copy from others.


 These are a pair of powder skis & I often ski the salmon through rapid which requires the feet to be close togeather which increses the speed of the pivot (think of doing a 180 spread 180 as the weight of the skis & boots are in spread eagal  position it looks likes the skier stops rotating but the rotation just slows then speeds up again as feet come closer togeather) Buy shuffleing the feet & presuring weight from front to back of ski during turn will increase the bend of the ski resulting in a sharper quicker turn & since these are some what wide skis when feet are close togeather the tips are touching when feet are togeather. I often double beat & even tripple beat my turns to the music on my ipod.

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probably have a fundamental technique issue


Wrong choice of words on my part. You may have a style that lends itself to the tips hitting each other. If you like the way you ski, then you can continue to reinforce your ski tips.


Epoxy is cheap and they make skis every day. smile.gif

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Originally Posted by Powder Jet View Post

Thanks guys


 Master racer I will try the epoxy & will use a file to dull the edges @ the tip also.



I hope you know you don't de-tune a shaped ski. I can't view pictures here at work, have you posted a photo of what your talking about ?


You should not be hitting your tips together when your skiing.

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Clicking your boots/skis together to knock the snow off of them while on the lift is a very common cause of those dings along the inside edges of the skis.  More often than not, the problem isn't caused while actually skiing.

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Happens to my tele boards.  After a number of seasons, they are wearing more & more, but no issues at 4 years.  Put some epoxy on and sand smooth if it makes you feel better.

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If your tips are hitting while you ski, you're in the back seat or you need much smaller boots. I tend to do it sometimes, but I'm more worried about the tree I heading towards or a cliff than the tips of my skis.
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