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Has anyone played with the rear allen 'bolt' on the tecnica demon 110.  I would really like to take it out so I can pivot the cuff ahead so I can fit an interior spoiler over the stupid ribs they moulded on the cuff so I can prevent the liner heel from getting destroyed, but I want to tuck the plastic behind the lower shell to protect the liner from catching on the way out and need to do some dremel work for it to fit.  Alternative is some tape over the inner rear of the boot, but this is assuming the upper and lower are fixed with no noticable movement


Also can it change flex -it looks pretty darned fixed on the inside of the shell, but I can't tell exactly what the rear bolt screws into. If not where would you cut it to soften it -I'm putting a foam liner in, so its possible it might be too stiff.


Dealer has said to not play with bolt, but not sure if this is because they don't know and don't want to fiddle with it, or because they do know, and its not somewhere I want to go.