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Re: skiing on easy groomers -- a good brace helps a lot.  My wife, who is no shredder, skied yesterday for the first time since her blown ACL, and she said the brace helped hugely -- a great confidence-builder.  She has a custom-fitted one from the ortho people here.  The surgeon told her, "Stick to the greens," but with the brace she was comfortable on blue.  


She'd have done easy blacks, too, but for the conditions: a dusting of man-made over ice.  (I had a long slide that ended head-down 50 yards below the fall.  Gotta tune those edges.)

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awesome, this is exactly the stoke i need!  How long since her injury. I am assuming she didn't have survey yet

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She blew it last April after I'd put away the skis for the season.  (We had a couple of vouchers left, and she couldn't stand letting them go, bless her.)  I doubt she'd have wanted to ski a month or two afterward, but she had significant bone bruising as well, and she's not one of those push-it-through bashers -- athletically, I mean.  


She did PT and has followed through with exercises, etc., but the point (for her, anyway) was the stabilization a good brace provides.  (Kneebindings may have helped her confidence, too -- maybe or maybe not falsely.)


Surgery (did you mean this, or survey?) is scheduled for next summer, just after school gets out.  According to her surgeon, she needs to be able to be off her feet entirely, and not chasing down naughty teenagers, for a good couple weeks.  No skiing next season, though, again according to the surgeon (though after yesterday, she was thinking she might ski next season, too).

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Just saw this Ron- Here is hoping for a GREAT recovery from someone with too much experience.  

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