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inner ankle pain (medial malleolus)

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for about 2 years i have been dealing with point pain at the tip of my medial malleolus (prominent inner ankle bone) on the left.   the pain is just at the tip of the bone, occurs when turning to the right, basically just at the time there is pressure on that point.  I think there is starting to be some growth, like a bone spur from the pressure that i am putting on that spot.  i wear size 9 or 9.5 shoes, my boots are 26.5 mondo, Nordica Hot Rod 85's.  they were fitted by a boot fitter who took a lot of measurements.  there is slight pressure on the tips of my toes in the boots, and it goes away when i pressurize the shins, so i think the size is ok.  but i wonder if they could be too small?  I am an advanced skier, but no expert.  I ski about 30 days/year.


I have tried:


-new boots (the problem started with my prevous boots, i hoped the new nordicas would fix it)

-footbed (non custom)

-foot wedge (boot fitter says that i am pronated or supinated, or something like that)

-reshaping the boot with heat by boot fitter

-shaving away boot material at pressure point by boot fitter

-thinner socks

-foam around the painful area, but not on it, to try to direct pressure to the surrounding tissue. this is the only thing that has helped.  i am using .25 inch foam, and it makes it possible to ski, but there is still pain.


does anybody have any other ideas.


i am willing to buy other boots of another size, even custom boots or a custom liner, whatever it takes, I just want to ski pain free!


thanks for any ideas!



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try a full custom

wedge on the INSIDE, under the heel

donut padding all around the pressure point (leave the point in the donut hole)



is it better with the buckles tighter, so your foot cant roll around?  The extra padding should help this too.

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it does not seem to matter how tight the buckles are.


i'll continue to work on the donut style padding, maybe a little thicker foam and getting the exact positioning dialed in.


i like the idea of the custom bed/wedge, i'll look into that.



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When you hit your ankle I find it much more likely a punch will solve the problem rather than a grind.  Often you are hitting the rivet and even if not the plastic is not very thing in the area and grinding simply won't help.



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I find that if the foot pronates badly, simply punching the ankle area out will only allow the ankle to roll more and still hit on the shell.  I would rather treat the cause of the issue rather than the symptom.  If it is pronation, address it with an appropriately posted footbed.  

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all good advice and appreciated.

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