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Advice on Line Prophet 90s!

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Hi everyone,

I am looking to buy some new skis and the new LP 90s have crept to the top of my list. 

I am 6'4" and about 180lbs so am looking for any advice on whether the 186cm will be long enough, my current skis are 180cm which suit me fine but I just want to make sure I'm going to have similar contact length with the LPs as there is only seems to be info on the 179s on the Line website.

I know there is a lot of conflicting info about height/weight/ski length but just wondered if there is anyone out there of my height who have used these skis at all?


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Your weight is more or less average and it is far more relevant than your height. The 186 will be fine.



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I am also looking at the P90 and was wondering what would be the right length for me.

I am 6'5" @ 220Lb... should I go with the 186? or perhaps the 180 would be more fun?


I have read so many positive P90 reviews that they are on the top of my list. Are P90 stiff enough for my weight? or I should look elswhere...

In MidWest I could not find a place to demo them... my other choice to demo are Kendos, just waiting for some snow :)

Thank you,

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I have spent 3 days this week going back and forth on the 2010 LP 90 (179) and the Bushwacker (180). Eastern conditions this week, soft, man made snow with boilerplate underneath in some areas. I am 6' and 220 pounds and I much prefer the LP 90 in the mixed snow that I skied this week. The LP 90 had great edge hold, was very easy to ski and really performed like a carving ski when driven. In contrast, the Bushwacker felt unstable and short and lacked grip when laid on edge...BTW...the Salomon Sentinel was really fun as well....in a 177...Just my two cents...

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Do you feel that out west in the powder the LP90 at 179 would give you enough flotation (considering the weight)? I am leaning towards that length... but, want to talk this through here if possible.

I want to make sure that the skis remain lively and fun...

Thank you,


Happy New Year 2012 everyone!!!

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Orzik - My wife is 5'5"/105 lbs and has skied the 179 Prophet 100 for the past 3 seasons so I'm pretty sure you could handle the P 90 in 186 even if you are an intermediate. Remember that your hugeness you will crush and destroy the playfullness of anything shorter - no camber, no pop just dead on your feet. Assuming you already have skinny East coast skis I'd suggest you go for the 98 or 105 in 186ish not the 90. I guarantee they will be lively and fun. They will even work out East as long as it's not blue ice. 

As far as powder is concerned neither the P90, 98, 100 nor 105 are considered powder skis out West. They are good allrounders that do everything resonably well (search Epic for reveiws). Anything up to shin deep will be OK but they won't make you a powder skier. 

At your size 'floaty' to me would mean waist width >115 mm,190 + and fairly stiff - something like the Blizzard Bodacious. However I expect you don't have the necessary skill level to handle something like that (yet). Check my avatar - that's me on 186 P100s in 4 feet ++ of fresh. I am 6'2" and weigh 185 and by modern standards that ski would be considered marginal for the conditions but I have skied serious powder for more than 25 years with 20 years at Mt. Baker (world record for recorded snowfall) on toothpicks. The skill of the skier is more important than the ski but none of these skis will hold you back especially the 105.

If you are a decent intermediate by Western standards, because of your size I'd suggest you also look at the new Mantra -more metal, burlier ski. I'm sure others on site would have additional suggestions. 

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@ Castle Dave

Thank you for your advice. This is exactly what I was looking for! Now I know that I should not go shorter than 186... have to decide on the waist as you suggested few options to consider.

As far as my skinny skis, I just sold my 77 waist and was planning to replace it with one pair that would do fairly well both East and West, thats why I was looking at the 90 waist. I ski about 7 days out West and if I am lucky, about 4 days MidWest. I am an intermediate.

I do not want skis for powder exclusively... but rather something to have fun when getting off of the runs ocasionally (30%). I will stay on the groomed runs most of the time.


I will look at the 98 again... if only I could demo the LPs out here in the MidWest, but I probably could demo the new Mantra (as you suggested). Between the LP98 and Mantra, I believe that the latter is stiffer... would this be more appropriate for my weight? (allthough I am leaning towards the Line products based on the reviews). How is the edge grip of the LP98 on piste comparing to the LP90?



Thank you again for your advice :)

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Hi Orzik

Glad I could help. I am a huge Line fan and I think they are great skis. I suggested the Mantra for you because it has more metal and is, as you said, stiffer and therefore more capable of handling your size and harder Eastern groomers. For myself at 6'2"/185 I would not go Mantra.


No clue on edge grip of P98 versus P90.


If you sold your skinny skis then you probably should stick with something 90ish and if you get lucky on a powder day out west just rent some big boards. I have no experience with them but understand Nordicas make some very solid 85 to 98 ish skis that could handle your size.

Here are some reviews from Dawgcatching but remember he is 155 lbs which is a BIG difference. 


Your best bet at this point is to demo a bunch of skis and see what you like.  

Good luck

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I demoed the Prophet 98's a few weeks ago, both in 172 and 179.  Out of 7 skis I demoed it easily held an edge on hardpack/ice better than the other skies I tried and they turned as fast as I could move them, which was surprising.  For me there wasn't a significant difference between the two lengths, and I ended up going with the 172 for maximum quickness (but probably not as good in deep snow).  I'm advanced-expert at 170 lbs.  Didn't have the opportunity to try the Prophet 90's but both skis share similar construction.

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@ bert01

Thank you for your feedback about the edge hold of the LP 98. Per Castle Dave's suggestion i am seriously considering them and this is the type of feedback I was after smile.gif


@ Castle Dave

I mostly want to enjoy my ski trips out West and get by in the MidWest. The recommendation and feedback from you and bert01 make me want to buy the LP 98 @ 186cm length... hopefully an intermediate like me can manage them and enjoy for years to come.

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