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Snowboard Package Recommendations?

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Hi guys, first time here. I was brought in by a snowboard purchase thread and people are very friendly and helpful here, so I thought I'd give it a try.


I am trying to buy a snowboard, as I have been stupidly renting snowboards every time I go snowboard in the past few years (10+ at least). This year I decided I will not let the rentals suck on my money anymore, and would like to invest on a board, boots, and bindings.


My personal info:

Riding style: Regular, freerider/all mountain (bit of everything, include practice in the park)


Riding level: Intermediate


Height: 5'5


Weight: 155lbs


Calculated snowboard size: L -151-153cm (152 recommended), W - 248-254mm (250mm recommended)


Shoe size: Men's 10


Budget: Ideally within $300, but as I would like to have this package to last for its purpose for a while, I am willing to chip in more for performance and quality.


I understand my budget may be a bit unreasonable, and I was wondering if I would be able to get something out of a Snow Jam Megasale that is coming to Del Mar, south California in Jan 12-14?


If more info is needed, please let me know. I love snowboarding and would like to take the step to make something personal. Thank you all very much for your help.

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Welcome to Epic JackyLin!


For a $300 budget to buy new gear you'll likely find something a small step up from regular rental gear that will pay for itself in roughly 8 trips to the mountain. I saw a few package deals at the House online site for around $300. The big problem is that you really should try boots on before you buy them.


My recommendations:

1) Do some online homework (e.g. the house) to get ideas about what you can get for $300 vs $500

2) Find a local shop (use this link to get started). Go in and talk to them and try some boots on.

3) Then go to the mega sale and decide which purchase option of the 3 you are most comfortable with.


You'll probably find the best deals online. Buying used gets you the best value, but is the biggest crap shoot and will take more time to find the right gear for you. Buying at a local shop gets you the best service (if you don't like what you bought, they'll work with you to get you into something that works for you). Buying at the mega sale might work out to something in between online and a local shop.

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