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New Boots For The Wife

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Hey guys, I ordered a set of ski boots for my wife for Christmas.  They are Dalbello Aspire 5.9 Ski Boots.  She's a newby by skiing ability but has been skiing several times.  She's always complaining about the rentals hurting her legs and feet, from all the reviews and research I've done, these boots I ordered are very soft flex and built for comfort (as she usually just puts around on the slopes).  Do you guys think this boot will be good for her.  She's 5'7" and weighs 120 lbs.  She's into just easy slow runs and not looking for anything more.

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good luck.


please read and re-read the wiki at the top of this forum, and that should help you out a bunch...


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Did your wife try on this model in a shop somewhere?
as said before, read and reread the wikis at the top of this section. Pay close atention to how to shell fit a boot, l don't see how you could do this(shell fit) by ordering a boot. How a boot fits (or doesn't) determins how a person progresses in skiing.
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No, she didn't try this model on.  I didn't want to give away the surprise.  Every other boot she's ever tried on has been size 25.5 so I feel pretty confident in the size.  The shop has a 30 day return policy if they don't fit for a Christmas promotion, just bring them back and swap them for the correct size.

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when someone wants to give the gift of ski boots from our store, i get the budget they want to spend including the footbed, then get the size of shoe that the recipient would normally buy.... i then supply a boot 2 or 3 sizes below that, the reasons are simple, this way i know they wil probably be way too small, so they will have to come back and get them fitted, they have also paid for a footbed so there is another incentive to come back to the store...biggest problem is if they feel nice in the house she will think they are right and use them.....they will probably be too big, our policy is simple if there is a sit bale boot which is less money we will refund, if they need to spend more they can add to it, if we just simply haven't got a suitable boot we will offer a full refund and the person who thought they had sussed christmas has to go back to thinning of another present idea!


read the wiki and be sure to do the shell check on christmas morning  then take them back for the correct model/size

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