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Adding a cheap hard pack/ice ski (Salomon X-Wing) to my All Mountain Wide Ski

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So I bought the Atomic Access and my first pair of boots a week ago.  I went out on them, but the conditions out here just aren't ideal for the Access right now.


So I'm thinking about buying a cheap used  ski that will be fun on groomed trails on hardpack/icy conditions.  I'm looking for a ski that won't chatter.


I'm comfortable with the Salomon X-Wings given that they were the skis I rented up at Hood last year.  Skiing in crud was impossible, but that's exactly what I won't be doing on these skis so I'm not worried.  My budget is max $150.  Given that I've already dropped nearly a grand on skis and boots, another $150 for a 2 ski quiver seems pretty logical.  I was originally thinking about the X-Wing 700, which I skied on the most and have dimensions of 123-73-109.  They're more expensive than the X-Wing 500's, which have dimensions of 109-69-92.  I'm leaning towards the 500s at 170cm.


Here are some questions for you all:


1) Given my price limit, could I find skis that will be more fun given what I'll be using them for?  Here's a website with used skis for some ideas: http://galacticsnowsports.com/winterall-ski-adult-170-179.html


2) My rockered Atomic Access are 171cm.  I'm 5 10 and around 163 pounds.  I understand that rockered skis can be longer than non-rockered skis.  The rockered ski is also much wider that the X-Wing(127.5-100-119.5 vs 109-69-92).  What size should I buy the X-Wing in?  170cm or 160cm?  170cm seems right, but I'm not sure.  What will the difference be between the 160 cm and 170cm--more speed on a longer ski?


3) What should I pay attention to/look out for when examining the quality of a used ski?  When examining the bindings?  I' noticed one of the X-Wings had rust on the edge(sidewall?) of the ski.  Obviously that's bad.  One of the skis didn't have much rust at all, but the backside of the ski was pretty much covered in fine lines going down the length of the ski.  Is that ok?  Wax could address that perhaps?  Anything else I should look out for? 


Thanks a lot.  Here's to making the best of hardpack and ice!



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Also, am I correct in my assumption that the X-Wings will allow me to have fun in conditions where the Access are not ideal?

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I bought an used pair of Blizzard Magnum 8.1Ti skis for about $300 in summer. Compared to my wider ski experiences (volkl mantra-96mm, k2 coomback-102mm, movement sluffs-99mm, dps 112mm), the blizzards really have a powerful carve! They are really lively and hold an edge really well. Can be abit of a handful in the chop and crud though--requires more concentration to keep them going where you want to go (very sensitive to input). An exciting ski to use when there is no new snow! I highly recommend it!


Regarding powder...it really is a commitment. You have to follow the weather reports and be ready to dump everything and go when it arrives! It is gone in hours! Get to know what the pattern of runs as the morning progresses to maximize your freshie time! Once you get the powder bug, you won't be the same! You will not complain about the flappy Atomic access tips after you are foaming at the corners of your mouth for more fresh turns in pow! hahhaa


The Atomic access really is a soft snow ski and off piste oriented. The access will handle the chop really well and be forgiving, while something like the blizzard can really buck you in crud if you are not precise. You won't find the on piste hard pack action thrilling on the atomics, so I'm glad you are going for a second pair of skis. Enjoy!

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