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Rossi Experience 88 in powder?

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Been reading the forums for a while, but just set up an account and started posting.  Anyway, I'm looking at new skis this year.  I am 6'1" and 170 pounds.  I live in Salt Lake, so I ski everything from chest deep powder to hardpack, trees to groomers (if you're familiar with Solitude, I ski Honeycomb Canyon more than anything else, and that means everything from super deep powder to moguls to tracks in one glorious run).  I have been skiing for 25 years, but I don't get to ski as much as I used to--I only make it out about a dozen times a year.  But, I ski steep (with poor technique, I might add!).


Anyway, last year I demoed a bunch of skis in a variety of conditions (the Rossignol S3, S7, Scott Mega Dozer, some Salomans, etc.).  This year, I demoed both the Experience 98 and 88 (among others), and I must say that the 88 is my favorite ski that I have ever skied.  For 88 under foot, it is very lively and a ton of fun.  I've broken my current skis and am in a position to buy only one set at this point. 


Unfortunately, the snow conditions in Utah this year have been horrible thus far.  I haven't been able to ski any powder this year, but I'd really like to know how the 88 might fair in powder.  Any thoughts?  I know it won't be anything like the S7 or the Mega Dozer, but I'm hopeful someone here has experience on it in powder and might be able to offer some thoughts. 



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The S3 will be much better in powder, although not specifically a powder ski, while the Experience 88 is an incredible front side/all mountain ski. 

Does that help?


Funny, I recall when I had an 84mm waisted ski for my "powder ski".  Now, the Blizzard Black Pearl is my daily driver, 88mm under foot, and the Yvette is my powder ski (112mm under foot)



In looking for something that is an all mountain type ski with a powder bias, you can't go wrong with the S3, Blizzard Bonafide, and skis of that caliber 



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What was the model of ski that you have broken and you used to ski all over the mountain, including chest-deep powder?
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Thanks Trekchick.  I've never really loved the feel of the S3, but perhaps I need to give it more time.  And I know what you mean about widening skis.  I tried the Mega Dozer last year, and at 119 under foot it was something else, especially on the 27" powder day I used them for.  Anything will be better in the power than my broken Salomon's though....  Hopefully we get some snow here soon so I can go demo a few skis in conditions more typical to Utah.  Thanks again.

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Hi Bob.  I actually have a couple of pairs of skis I've broken in the last couple of years, the Salomon Axendo (an old ski, but it served me well for several years given that I don't get out as much as I used to), and the K2 Extreme.  Both of those skis are horrible in powder, so on dump days I always demo.  I've spent more money demoing skis in the last couple of years than it would cost to buy something, so I really need to just pull the trigger!

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This is soooooo easy it's silly.....................


The Experience 88 will handle deep powder about as well as any other 88mm ski with a medium-firm flex. If you want an 88mm ski that is better in deeps, then a Fischer Watea 88 is right up your alley. OTH.....if you want a medium-firm flex ski to handle powder better than an Exp. 88 then you'll get a wider ski. There are about a dozen or so that will work.



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Thanks SJ

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