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Good Anywhere?

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Skied Lookout Thurs and was ok, mainly groomers.  There was about 1 1/2 in of dust.  Skied Dipper and was actually prertty good until you got to the bottom where it narrows.  Hardly any obstacles and actually was suprised that it was that good.  Marmot was actually a fun cruise.  Red Dog still gravelly at bottom (didn'tm do).  Last  Sun Van and I got evac from 3, little scratchy coming down Purgatory almost from the top.  Good part of evac was we were off  first and Phil bought us a beer at the end of the day.  Only 7 people on chair so not a big deal.  My 2nd evac, Heavenly back in the 80's.


Lookout patrol did a good job, quick, safe and efficient.


Have a 2 day cat skiing trip planned at Big Red Cats for Jan 3&4.  No real snow forecast for the next 10 days so thinking of calling and rescheduling.   Ugh.


Anyone have any good reports.  Guess we should be happy we are at least open and decent groomers.


Skied Silver Fri and SOB was actually pretty good and fun, Chair 4 sucked-ice field. 

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Can't say for Inland NW resorts, but Alta was good over the weekend. Hiked for some boottop pow turns :D


Yikes @ the evac. Glad it didn't take too long to get you off.


I rescheduled my cat trip with Big Red for 8th/9th of January. Storms look strong on GFS models starting around Dec 30th, so I bet Jan 3/4th will be decent.


Looks like we may get another few inches in the area on Wednesday.

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