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Hey guys, this is my first post but I've been a long time reader of this forum.  I've been skiing now for about 3 years and recently purchased my first set of skis.  I would say I ski mostly groomed runs or prepared runs with little off piste venturing.  I stick mostly to Blue's and Black's but only consider myself an intermediate skier.  Well here's my question, do you guys think the skis I bought will serve my purposes for at least a couple of years ?  I did alot of research before making my decision but I guess I need some "expert" advice.  I got a decent price on these skis/bindings ($349.00 shipped).  I ski east coast 90% of the time so it's alot of hard pack and ice.

Atomic Vario Scandium LT Red 164cm 2011 Skis w/ XTO 10

  • Ability: Intermediate - Advanced / Unisex
  • Terrain: Piste
  • Construction: Cap Fiber
  • Camber: Traditional
  • Core: Scandium Reinforced
  • Chassis: Lightrak
  • Sidecut: 116 / 73 / 104mm
  • Turn Radius: 14m
  • Bindings: Atomic XTO 10 B80 (black/silver)
  • DIN/ISO: 3 - 10
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Can you add a little info about your size and ability?


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Yes, sorry I included everything but my size....I'm 6'2" and weigh 200 lbs.  I first rented skis in the 177 range, they felt to unstable for me until I got used to them.  I dropped down to a 167 ski and almost instantly it was like night and day.  I love cutting turns and carving and can do it quite well.  I can handle any blue run and after a couple warm up blue runs, I stay on the single blacks for the rest of the time.  I know some people consider themselves advanced if they're skiing black runs but I feel I'm a strong intermediate.  I can ski the single blacks and if I feel up to it the double blacks a couple of times.  I rarely fall (maybe once all day).  I'm a recreational skier that's not interested in speed, but like carving turns at a moderate pace.  I also purchased new ski boots last year (Rossignol) that have a flex index of 100...this helped a lot also in the feel and handling ability.  I hope this helps.

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