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Mid-point of older K2 skis

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Where is it? This is not the mid mark on some skis. This is not the boot toe mark on K2's.

This is the progressive numbers on the sides of the skis which look like Mondo point numbers. I've been told these are mondo points to relate the mid point of a boot witha certain mondo point. i.e. a 26 boot's mid sole mark should be centered on the #26.

I've often wondered if these numbers actually refer to boot sole length minus the '0' digit.

Mounting my daughter's K2 Flights to fit a new boot she bought (25.5) I blithely set the mid point of my jig up to match half way between 25 & 26.

I drilled, tapped out the dust, glued, and got ready to set the toe pieces (M31 Markers). Whoop-de-doo! The Plastic base of the toe piece runs into the ACX unit! Can't catch the toe piece on the front pin!

150 cm skis. So... do these numbers refer to boot sole length? if so I'm drilling again tomorrow night.
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Yea, the numbers on the side of the ski is the center of the boot sole. The 25.5 is probably a 290 mm sole length ( check that out for sure,. the number is on the outside of the boot sole. ) This would be the 29 mark on the K2 where the midsole mark goes. Good luck.
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Ah yes, the days when K2 marked their skis in cm, rather then mm, but I guess it is logical enough - the overall ski length is in cm, so why confuse the matter further?

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Metric isw by 10's, etc. Easy. But thanx muchly. it is boot sole length, not mondo point. When the toe piece hit the ACX unit I figured I had been told wrong. Don'tcha just love it?
Thank you both for your help. Getting yelled at by a customer is something you can usually find a way to wiggle out of ... with a daughter... no way! Being in the family she's always around, ready to nag the H out of ya. Do they teach women that in high school or college? how to pester men/fathers 101?
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The number refers to bot sole length. If you have a 290mm BSL, then you line up your Boot center mark on the 29cm mark. What this does is place every toe in the same point of the ski for any size boot.
What ski is it? In my archives I might have the tech manual that would tell where the boot toe mark would be measured from the tail......
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