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Boot fit

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Bought new Technica Air boots last season and after three separate trips back for punches and a grind, I can ski the day without any real discomfort. I replaced the stock footbeds with green superfeet beds, one of which was shaved slightly to accomodate an old injury. 


I made it out yesterday for the first time this season. A few runs in, to keep my outside toes from falling asleep I have to adjust the buckles so that it takes almost no pressure to close. Just enough tension to keep them from popping open. I don't know why, but this seems somehow wrong, and yet my foot doesn't move around.


Great fit, or something to be looked at?

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Great fit---leave them alone---never tighten the lower buckles anyway---do tighten the ankle buckle--- till it hurts--- then back off till you can stand it but it is as tight as you could stand, "Viola" (this will hold your heel back in the shell)



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