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Quick Question about boot adjustments

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Hey guys, this is my first official post but I've spent a great deal of time sorting through the forums.  Its helped me a lot with tricks on skiing better as well as picking out boots.  That being said, I need some further help in fitting into my boots and get to a pain free ski experience. 


I recently purchased an older model of the dalbello Cross because they were on sale at the local ski shop.  The shop had a competent boot fitter that had helped a great deal with the compression on the front half of my foot.  What was happening was after a run or two, the front half of my foot, from just behind the bone protrusion (sorry I'm not very technical with feet vocab) forward, would numb out and start hurting from lack of blood flow.  After taking off my boots and socks to alleviate the problem, the toes would often be dark red or slightly purplish.  My boot fitter had opened up boot laterally and taken some of the pressure off and it seemed to help.


The current problem is that the boots are still compressing my feet vertically too much, and my usual boot fitter won't be available to modify it in time for my next trip.  I'm not sure if they still need to be broken in, but they've been on the mountain 2 full days.  Is there any home fix I can do to help with this?  I have about 2 days time before I go up again, if any solution requires time for the liner to stretch out or something.


If anyone can offer any advice or help, that'd be greatly appreciated :]

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Skier Sven,


     I know this sounds nutty, but try putting the boot on without socks (at home), this will remove a layer of material from above and below your feet, more room,  also if you don't have custom foot beds you could remove the factory pad (cushioning only) in the bottom of the liner, more room still.             Don't worry about being cold the inside of the liner is a wool sock.  If you end up with better circulation your feet will be warmer.  This may work till you can get the liner broke in or go in to get the boot fixed.



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I currently have a footbeds in there that helps with my arch problem so I don't think removing them is an option at this moment.  I'll try them on without socks at home and see that helps the problem.  Do you think it's just an issue of needing further breaking in or will modification be necessary?

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Unless you ski a lot of black slopes, 2 days of skiing probably wouldn't break in a set of liners.  Hard to say if modifications will be needed just yet.



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thin, or no socks, and leave the toe buckles OFF (not just loose, but 100% off)


does this help at all?

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I was at Northstar so there weren't any black slopes open the days I went haha.  I have thin socks already, and the toe buckles were off but neither seemed to help too much.   I suppose I'm just getting ahead of myself and haven't given the liners time to break in properly.  Should I wear them in the house to hopefully push them out more or should I only have them on when actually skiing so they pack out in the correct position only?


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wait until you can ski them.  and dont worry.  I'm sure it will all work out. 

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did your fitter heat mold the ID liner?



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After a few PMs with another member on the forums, I realized that my Dalbello Cross boots were not Cross IDs.  They're actually this model: 




So no, the tech didn't heat mold the liners because they're not intuitions.  Sorry for the confusion.  Looks like at this point I'm going to head out tomorrow and hopefully the later half of the day, it'll have packed out enough to return some blood to my toes haha.

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