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conditions in Jackson

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Looking for any replies from locals who have been on the mountain recently. Will be there from Dec 27 to Jan 2, from the looks of it    it doesn't seem to be shaping up to be the early season that Jackson had last year. Any thoughts?

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I've only missed two days this season.  I've been out everyday this week on alpine, telemark, and snowboard gear.  This is my 22nd season at the JHMR and this year has been one of the best openings I can remember.  It needs to be said that last year was a statistical outlier.  I can't remember any other year that was even close to what we saw last season for the opener and then it just stayed good.  So.... this year, from our above average opening to now, we haven't seen much snow fall.  I don't think we will see much in the next couple of days to a week.  I think we are still on or above average for this time of year, but are losing ground "on the average" if we don't see a few storms roll in just before Christmas.


I have been having a lot of fun skiing and think that the skiing is very good on the groomers and selected off piste runs.  It is far from the Jackson Hole experience that we dream about, but it is fun.  There are lots of areas of exposed rock and embedded "chocolate chips" out there and you need to be careful and aware on your fist runs through a new area.  Apre Vous and Casper are skiing great with the snow-making running at full tilt.  Thunder has areas that have been good, but is much more variable.  I am not taking my new skis on the upper mountain, but have been using them with impunity on AV and Casper. 


I would say that we are 2-3 storms away from a full opening.  A lot can change fast around here and a decent week long cycle with some wind might put us right were we need to be.  We got about 4" this week and I was surprised how much it improved things.  I would really like to see a nice system roll in, but if I could predict weather, I wouldn't be posting hererolleyes.gif.  From what I'm hearing there aren't many options that are even as good as what Jackson has right now.  Just come skiing and have fun.  Chances are that the snow will eventually show up and everyone will stop whining.

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Thanks Tetonpwdrjunkie, I'm thinking about doing one of the backcountry tours through the ski school. Would you recommend it with the variable coverage?

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