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Last year when I was just a newbie, I started what I had hoped would be a fun thread, Tales From The Ski Shop to relate amusing stories that happen when you work in a ski shop.  I know that many on this board work in the ski retail business as I now do, but the thread never took off so as we begin a new season I thought I would try again.


So, how about it ski shop guys and gals?  We can have a fun thread here if we follow a few simple rules.  Name no names and no bashing competitors.  However the stories can be about anything that happens aorund the ski shop that might give us a chuckle.


I will start off with one.


This just happened a couple of days ago.  A family of four comes into our shop, fresh from the used sporting goods chain store in our same plaza.  They wanted us to fit the bindings to the boots for their two young children, but they also wanted to look at boots for themselves to go along with the used skis they had just purchased.


Anyway, I didn't take a good look at the skis, wanting to see if they would spend some money and took them to our boot dept.  They were really quite nice and ended up buying two pairs of new boots for he and his wife.  


Now I look at the skis, first the kids.  The skis are at least 10 year old jr skis and looked it.  Same with boots.  Sadly I see the price $119 a pair for the skis, and 60 for the boots.  They would have been no more than 50 a piece in our shop if they were in decent shape and they weren't. The skis would work, but one pair of boots the sole was shot and we wouldnt work on it.  They took that news well, saying they would just try to return them.


Now I look at his skis, Salomon X Scream Pilots for $179 in pretty good shape, not too bad.  But what do I see on the ski?  An autograph, smeared a bit, but still legible.  It read Tommy Moe!  Our owner happened by and heard me telling the customer who Tommy Moe was as he had no clue.  My boss looks at the signature and says, looks just like the Tommy Moe autograph I have and he runs off to his office to get it.  Son of a gun, it is a match!


A pair of Tommy Moe Autographed skis at a used sporting goods shop in Mentor OH.  Who would have thought that could happen?


Come on Guys & Gals, let the stories and chuckles fly!


Rick G