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Fitness for skiing

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I love skiing as evidenced by well... skiing.  I ski in the mid-Atlantic region - 7springs and ski almost every weekend I can.  I also do the NASTAR racing.  I really want to improve my timing and technique this season.  One thing I had noticed last year was my very weak core muscles.  So I hired a personal trainer and have been working on endurance and core work outs along with some cardio.  

Once the ski season actually starts and there is snow to race on what else should I work on apart from the racing technique.  I want to be a strong racer this season


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There are multiple things you are working on, first pick 1-2 & really focus!


Try taking you core focus onto the hill.   Use your abdominal bracing & try to hold the tension thru the turn.  Start on the greens & build!


Take the core control down the hill! You're be faster! 


Btw- I luv 7 springs

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