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New Zealand Recommendations

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So, it turns out I'll be headed to Australia for work sometime in mid-late June.  Since airfare will already be covered, and since during the New Zealand ski season, I'm thinking I MUST parlay that business trip into some southern hemisphere vert!  I may never get the chance again...


So, any recommendations for where to go if I've got a few days and am looking for advanced/expert terrain?  Thanks in advance!


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June is very early in our season unless there is a great start which can happen, nothing much is usually open until July. Treble Cone in Wanaka is probably your best bet or the Remarkables in Queenstown if you like to hike. Craigieburn in Canterbury has the most famed steeps and the most challenges for advanced/experts. It's a club field so rope tow access, no grooming, challenging mountain access roads. Some would say this is the true kiwi ski experience.



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Late August to early October is the best time for NZ.  And they do have skiing in Australia, which coincidentally is closer to Australia than New Zealand; though realistically the best time to ski in Australia is from mid July to early September.  June skiing in NZ & Oz is very hit and miss (mostly miss).  Mt Ruapehu in the North Island of NZ would IMO offer the best bet for an early season ski.

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Direct flights into Queenstown from Oz are daily over the season. I'd wait until July and see what the season/conditions are doing then start planning a trip for mid August. Accomodation is plentiful and packages from Australia are often cheaper than what it costs us to ski even when already in New Zealand.

Ruapehu with 2 ski fields in the North Island usually has the longest season but is very hit and miss for days/lifts open and depends on the snow conditions whether you can even ski terrain outside the normally groomed areas. Stuff you guys say is rubbish at home we would think is probably okay at Ruapehu.

Best bet is Queenstown though with 4 ski fields close and plenty to do otherwise if you only have a limited timeframe. A guided trip out of Wanaka out the the back of Treble Cone or even some heli from QT would be the ultimate depending on budget.

Canterbury fields out of Christchurch are a bit more hard core and basic as said above but trickier to organise and get to and maybe a bit more weather dependant?

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