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Who has been taking the snowfall away from the Wasatch mountains? I am waiting to head up there but most resorts are showing only 24-26 inches. (Upper and Lower CC anyway).


When is it coming!!??








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Don't expect anything at all for the next week or so, maybe some light totals mid next week. There's the possibility of a decent storm late next week ... 


Long range forecasts are predicting a much more active pattern for January once the high pressure system that's been dominating all month gets kicked out of town.



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What dows the magic 8 ball say about utah resorts having most of their terrain open by mid January?

I was planning a trip at this time due to best work logistics.  However I am starting to think about delaying until mid Feb although it would not work out as well for my work schedule.

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finally my advice of never going early on a ski trip is holding up!


Does suck for the people who do not like spring skiing though.

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BW - reply to this and you will hit 10,000 posts!!!




It's sort of like the odometer turning to 100,000 in a car (or 200,000 in my case)



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I am heading to Park City in a couple of weeks. I will have time to ski three days and was looking for suggestions on the must ski places?

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Unless it snows in the next couple of weeks, your better bet will likely be the other resorts closer to SLC. Hopefully it will snow....

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Last year at this time, one of the perrenial snow total leaders Alta had accumulated 270" for the season.

I see it is only 107 inches this year with a current base of 39". 


Who would have thought a 39" base would be something to brag about.


Can't imagine what the bigger places (i.e. Canyons, ParkCity) have especially toward the bottom? Ouch!


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Crazy thing is that the Wasatch has gotten more than most places like it usually does, but it

isn't near enough considering they don't have much as far as snow making as other parts of the country.

Maybe that accounts for part of the $30 on average premium you pay in Colorado.


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