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Finetuning AT-boot forward lean

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At resorts I usually ski with salomon Falcon pro CS boots and have bindings with 2-3 mm delta. I have a marker race plate with removable shim stacks on  my SL-skis, so I have experimented a bit with this and found that out of 0, 2 and 4 mm binding delta, I prefered 2 mm. Other than experienting a bit on the SL-skis I haven't given fore-aft alignment much thougth, and been happy with (or got used to) what I have.

Last year I got new AT-boots, Scarpa Maestrale and dynafit vertical FT12 bindings on my touring skis. The boots fit very well but I have a hard time getting used to the forward lean settings. The boots has two forward lean settings 4 degrees apart at 16 and 20 degrees.  

The most forward setting feels kind of  too flexed. I feel I need to get low to stay in balance and this is tiering, but on steep terrain this feels better than the less forward position. On low-angle deep powder the most forward position caused the skis to dive a lot more than I'm used to. With the most forward position it also feels like I have "used up" some of the progressive forward flex of the boot. Flexing more causes discomfort sooner in the most forward position. Does that make sense?

With the least forward position, low angel pow feels better, but I feel less in control on steep hard snow. And on larger turns on spring corn I felt that I more often than before ended up too far back to control the exit of the turns, espesially if I also needed to get low at the end of the turn. The least forward position feels a bit like skiing in walk mode; It's possible to stay in a proper position, but if I for some reason end up out of balance to the rear, then it feels like there is "almost no" cuff support in the rear to catch me.

The settings are 4 degrees apart. Geometrically this should correspond to a 20 mm change in delta, and compared to the very noticable, but not dramatic effects of  the 2 mm shims on the SL skis I guess it's not that strange that none of the 4 degrees apart settings work very well. The Maestrale boots are much softer than the Falcons though, so I guess that makes it less important to get it 100% rigth?

How should I try to modify the setup to my likings? The two 6 mm holes in the lean lock bar are only ~2mm apart, so if I want to modify that one I guess I need a  new undrilled bar from the factory or a home made one and make a one hole approximatly in the middle in relation to the previous two. Does anyone have experience with this mod? Are there other ways of modifing forward lean?

Or should I just shut up, ski and adapt.... ?

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how about putting the boot into the more upright setting and trying a small spoiler between the liner and shell, slide it in to start with then when you like it /decide it is what you want fix it in place either by screwing it to the shell or sticking it to the liner with velcro


i think the drilling a plate to suit is probably overkill although it will probably give you exactly what you are looking to do 

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Thank you for your answer. I will try stuffing something behind  the liner and ski in the least forward position next time I'm on snow.

I guess a part of the problem is also the softness. In the most forward position, I can flex my ancle in the boot more than what is comfortable. The starting positon isn't that bad but because of the softness I'm able to flex it very far. Similarly perhaps it's the soft flex rearward that makes the the least forward feel so unsupportive when I need to recover from the backseat...

So I'm going to try to work it from the least forward position, perhaps also by adding a shim under the binding heel if the spoiler plan is not enough or uncomfortable while touring.

Makes one wonder, the dynafits have 17 mm of delta, but when used with the least forward  position that doesen't feel like it's enough. One my alpine setup however, 4 mm of delta feels like it's to much....

The perfect solution would be to modify the lean-lock bar. I've contacted the scarpa distributor but have not gotten any answer yet. I guess it's a pretty slim chance of getting unfinished parts out of the scarpa factory ;-) But undrilled lean-lock bars would be a very useful piece of acessory for quite many people.

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